ESD Pallet cover A1210

Reference: LP-ESD-PC-A1210

  • Recommended for the electronic industry for the storage and transportation of sensitive parts, components and instruments;
  • Designed to fit ESD KLT pallet units with the dimensions 1200 x 1000 mm;
  • Four strapping grooves for a tight fit on top of the container, preventing spillage of stored goods;
  • Two guide slots on the front and long sides of the lid to secure stacked pallets and prevent slipping;
  • Prevents electrostatic discharge and keeps goods safe during storage and transportation.

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Technical specifications

General Information:

Material: ESD PP
Weight: 7.28 kg
Colour: RAL 9017 traffic black
Temperature resistance: -20°C to +50°C
Units/pallet: 50
Truck Loading Quantity: 1300


Dimensions: 1210 x 1010 mm

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