Wine Boxes

Wine is a precious drink and needs to be stored safely and adequately during transport and storage. As any wine connoisseur knows, wine bottles should be stored horizontally. The new and innovative storage boxes for wine allow the safe storage of 12 0.75-liter bottles in a compact sized and sturdy recipient that offers maximum maneuverability and protection.

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Why are these boxes called “wine boxes”? Because they were designed keeping in mind the standard shape and size of a wine bottle and the particular conditions for the proper storage of wine. Among the special characteristics of this product, we specify:

  • side loading door for easy sliding of the bottles inside the box;
  • UV protection to keep the sun rays from damaging the quality of the wine;
  • solid build;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • label holder for easy identification of the type of wine;
  • foldable to save storage space when not in use.

Minimize product loss during transport and storage with the aid of the specially designed wine boxes from Logistic Packaging. Send us an email to request a price quotation.

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