Stackable boxes – Durable Heavy Duty

For the industries where the continuous supply flow is a basic prerequisite, Logistic Packaging offers a range of products which withstand intensive handling over a long time. Supplementary from the standard range of molded containers, the duraflex/triplex containers can be manufactured in any size to adapt to your products.

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The main advantage of these heavy duty containers is the fact that they can carry heavy loads, yet they are light enough to optimize the maximum allowed load for transport. Also, they are easy to handle quickly and efficiently.

Our range of products can be designed and manufactured in any shape and size you need, including various necessary characteristics, such as:

  • foldable
  • customized dividers and inserts
  • stackable
  • electrostatic discharge system
  • with label holder

With Logistic Packaging, you are always in control, working with a partner who understands the requirements for quality and durability, while being open to design and manufacture according to your specific needs.

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