Returnable Packaging for Cable Harnesses

The automotive industry has one of the most complex supply chain models and specific needs in terms of returnable packaging materials. The reasons for this are:

  • The high level of automation in production and assembly facilities
  • The different types of parts needed – from very small and sensitive to very large and heavy
  • The need for protective packaging for electronic components and freshly painted parts.

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Returnable containers for cable harnesses represent one of the many packaging solutions we can design and produce for 1st and 2nd tier automotive suppliers. The stackable and nestable containers offer optimal protection for connectors and cable accessories. They feature rounded corners and smooth sides to avoid damage to the cables and their sensitive connectors.

We can also produce these packages of ESD materials. All the returnable packaging for cable harnesses are built to withstand intensive use over a long period of time.

We Can Provide Any Custom Size for Plastic Packaging for Cable Harnesses

At Logistic Packaging, we understand that your company has many challenges in packaging and shipping your products. You have to keep the automotive supply chain moving and deliver all the orders on time and without incidents leading to products damaged in transit. And this is exactly what our returnable containers for cable harnesses can do for you company.


For instance, our foldable large containers for transporting cable harnesses for automotive assembly lines can be designed to fit your products. In order to make the most of the available space, the returnable containers for cable harnesses can be fitted with:

  • Textile dunnage
  • Corrugated PP dividers
  • Separating layers.

At the same time, we can provide you with ESD pallets and pallet covers to help you secure each shipment of electrical wires for automotive and electronics.

Other Customizations for Your Returnable Packaging for Wire Harnesses

For our packaging experts, customized returnable containers for cable harnesses do not mean only special sized containers. We can create unique packaging solutions for the protection of wires and cable accessories by printing:

  • Your company logo
  •  The project number
  • Any other information needed

We can also further customize your packages with adhesive barcode labels attached to the containers.

You can find out more about our abilities to design and produce customized packaging solutions in our Catalogues or by sending us an email to discuss your specific project.


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