Pallet Inverter

Accidents happen in any kind of industry and when they do it is important to fix the problem quickly and with minimum losses. Pallet inverters were developed exactly for this purpose.

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When you have stackedproducts on a pallet and the bottom one is damaged, there are two ways your employees can solve the issue:

  • they take off box by box from the pallet, until they get to the bottom one, losing time and increasing the size of the spillage;
  • they can use the pallet inverter to quickly turn the palled bottoms up, remove the faulty product and place a new pallet under the stack.

Advantages of the pallet inverters:

  • they can handle all pallet sizes;
  • they can transfer merchandize from one pallet to another;
  • they minimize manual labor and reduce potential labor related accidents.

The pallet inverters produced by Logistic Packaging are reliable and easy to use with minimum training. Each one of your employees will find it very useful and appreciate its maneuverability and the significant time it saves them in situations as the one described above. Its sturdy build allows the pallet inverter to handle loads of up to 1,500 kg and 2 meters high.

If you would like further details regarding the utility of the pallet inverter for your business, contact us by phone or email.

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