Metal racks

Metal racks are extremely useful when you need to transport very large volumes of very heavy merchandize. They are designed and manufactured with special care for each type of merchandize they hold – from canned food to automotive parts.

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Our metal racks are available in a wide range of types and offer safe transportation and storage for:

  • dangerous materials
  • bulky products
  • fragile merchandize

At Logistic Packaging, we consider every aspect of your supply chain operations. We develop metal racks which help optimize the volume and space taken by your packaged merchandize, providing you with:

  • foldable racks
  • stackable racks
  • racks with dividers
  • racks on wheels
  • racks adapted for forklift manipulations
  • metal racks of custom sizes which can be used both for manufacture and distribution.

Metal racks are a must have if you are shipping large quantity of merchandize (wholesale manufacturers and distributors) or voluminous items (such as automotive parts). They have the advantage of offering a large storage capacity in a compact form, thus helping you optimize shipping costs.

Find all the detailed specifications for this range of products in our catalog page.

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