Leakage Trays/ Safety Sumps

Dangerous chemicals, corrosive products, and other hazardous liquid materials must not get in touch with the surfaces they stand on – either in the warehouse, during transport in the trailer or in store.

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The trays equipped with a safety sump are thermoformed as one piece, ensuring maximum stability to the containers stored on them. The trays consist of a grid and an accumulating tray which holds in the spillage. They are made of chemically resistant materials, which hold the dangerous substance inside and do not get damaged by chemical reactions.

As a basic safety procedure, we recommend our clients to keep different chemical substances stored separately, so that the potential leaks should not create dangerous chemical reactions (resulting in harmful gas or vapor emissions).

Logistic Packaging is committed to protect your employees’ health and the safety of your premises. Our leakage trays are tested and proven to offer maximum safety for a variety of chemical substances including:

  • various acids
  • lye
  • petroleum based oils
  • lubricants
  • others

Our consultants are happy to advise you regarding the suitability of the leakage trays to your specific products. Schedule a live Skype video call for further details.

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