Stackable boxes – Corrugated Light-Duty

The range of products made of corrugated plastic can be made on order in any shape or size specified by the client. There are no standard shapes or sizes, the client is in full control when it comes to the shape, size, color, characteristics and strength of the products.

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Corrugated light duty products can be used in any industrial field and can be used for light loads, of up to 5-6 kg. They can be designed:

  • with or without handles
  • with reinforced edges for stacking
  • with label holders
  • foldable
  • with attached or detachable lid

The advantage of trays and boxes made of corrugated plastic is that they are very light and have a long useful life. You can customize the products to adapt to every specific merchandize that you need to deposit in the warehouse or display in store.

Depending on the size and the intended use, we can design and manufacture the corrugated plastic products in various degrees of thickness and strength. For a fully customized offer, contact us and provide us with your list of specifications.

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