Louvre museum packaging solutions

Evacuations at the Louvre Museum Puts into Focus the Importance of Reliable Packaging Materials

The recent flooding of Paris to an unprecedented scale in the last three decades has determined the management of the Louvre museum to take the measure of evacuating a part of its collections of antiquities and artworks. These valuable items were either displayed on the ground floor or stored in the basement of the museum and there were legitimate fears that they would get damaged by water.

In order to package and ship this very special kind of cargo, the museum management made no compromise when it comes to the quality and reliability of the packaging materials. The priceless vases, statues and paintings were placed in sturdy plastic stacking containers with textile dunnage separators and fitted with lids with seals. The choice of packaging materials for this highly exclusive project demonstrates that the packaging industry is one of the critical links in today’s economy and supply chain.

Packaging Specialists Stand the Ultimate Test

Logistic and packaging experts have always affirmed the importance of their products and consultancy in every niche and industry – and on this specific occasion their words were proven true. The packaging specialists working with the Louvre museum authorities have reacted promptly and delivered adequate packaging solutions to fit the specific needs of the evacuation project. The entire packaging process has run smoothly and by the time the news crews arrived at the museum, the work was already finished.

This is yet another instance that professional packaging companies are prepared to intervene in any crisis situation, quickly identify the problem and deliver an accurate and reliable solution through the products they offer.