returnable packaging for fresh meat

The Importance of Using Professional Returnable Packaging for Fresh Meat

Meat is a staple in consumers’ daily meals all over the world. Some countries favor pork, others prefer veal, lamb or poultry in their cuisine, but they all have one thing in common: the demand for fresh meat is growing from year to year. And it rests with producers, distributors and retailers to supply this demand. In this fast growing supply chain, one small element is key to the entire journey from farm to fridge: professional returnable packaging for fresh meat.

The Challenges of Shipping One of the Most Sensitive Products

Shipping and storing fresh meat poses a lot of challenges for producers, warehouses, and transportation companies. Unprocessed meat is highly perishable. Also, it can get easily contaminated by various substances, making it unfit for human consumption.

This is why we always recommend our clients to use only food grade professional returnable packaging for fresh meat. Over the years, the Logistic Packaging experts have already advised several logistics and warehousing managers on ways to reduce loss and optimize operational costs in handling and shipping meat. And today we will share with you a part of our know-how concerning the benefits of packing and shipping fresh meat in reusable plastic packaging materials.

Meeting the Strictest Demands for Food Safety

Specialized professional returnable packaging for fresh meat is designed to meet the most advanced international standards for food safety. They are made of food grade virgin materials, meaning that:

  • They do not leak chemicals into the meat even during direct contact
  • They are designed for use in the cold chain, where temperatures are below 0
  • They have a sturdy build, which protects the meat from mechanical shocks.

As global supply chain become longer and more complex, so do the issues related to shipping fresh meat. With specialties such as Argentine and Japanese beef becoming more and more popular among consumers worldwide, shipping companies have to pack and deliver these products as soon as possible. This means that each fine cut of beefsteak has to endure a rough journey. The reason it arrives in prime condition is professional returnable packaging for fresh meat.

Professional Returnable Packaging for Fresh Food Performs Well in Cold Storage

As we specified above, plastic crates, shipping boxes and containers can safely carry both frozen and refrigerated meat. Their temperature tolerances range between -20°C and +40°C.

This means that the packaged meat can be safely kept in cold storage in warehouses, loaded into a refrigerated truck and then transferred into the store backroom freezer. The temperature variations (within the safe tolerances for fresh meat) will not damage the plastic packaging.

Packaging Designed for Automation to Reduce Manual Handling

Human contact is one of the main causes of fresh food contamination. Errors, accidents or inadequate hygiene can spoil a large batch of meat, causing significant losses to companies.

Professional returnable packaging for fresh meat has a special design facilitating the use:

  • On conveyor belts
  • With forklifts
  • With robotic arms
  • With automated loading/unloading equipment.

This means less human contact, faster handling and improved food safety. Also, it means that employees can focus on tasks that require their skills and talents, not basic physical effort.

Fast Cleaning and Sanitizing Means Quick Return to a New Delivery Cycle

Packaging for the food industry, such as hygienic pallets and EURO stack-nest containers 1800 has a simple design, with smooth surfaces. This feature helps protect tender meat from denting and marking and facilitates easy cleaning and sanitizing.

This means that after one use cycle, the packaging can be easily cleaned and sanitized using a standard wash cycle, shortening the downtime between two use cycles. Thus, companies can achieve ROI on their investment in professional packaging and ensure that their products are quickly moved along the supply chain.

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