transparent retail containers

Transparent Retail Containers Optimize Efficiency and Sales in Supermarkets

Supermarkets are constantly evaluating ways of reducing costs, optimizing their operations and growing sales. As store manager, you are probably considering various options. Here is one idea shared by packaging specialists: opt for transparent retail containers to receive products from the distribution center and send them directly to the store aisles.

It may seem as an insignificant change to your daily operations, but we beg to differ. We already know the benefits of the transparent retail containers, so we are speaking from experience. However, we will start from the assumption that you need the most powerful arguments to persuade you.

Let us begin:

Product Handling Is a Key Factor in Supermarket Operations

You know how store activity gets disrupted when a new order arrives. Several employees have to leave other tasks and go to unload the goods, carry them to the store backroom and arrange them in display crates.

Here are the ways in which your efficiency and sales are negatively impacted by this apparently simple activity:

  • You have to stop other activities (including helping customers) to send the employees to unload goods
  • A lot of time is wasted while the products are moved from their delivery crates and boxes to display crates
  • A percentage of products may be damaged during handling.

Thus, we have already identified three different ways in which your store does not run efficiently as a result of having to change products from one type of packaging to another.

Traditional Retail Crates Are Not Designed to Promote Sales

The second part of the issue is that you still use display crates designed in a time when marketing was not an advanced science. Neither store managers nor sales managers knew that every little detail in a supermarket can influence a customer’s decision to buy a product.

What exactly is the issue? These display crates have solid walls. When they are full, customers can see the products clearly. As soon as several people put products in their shopping carts, the rest are no longer visible in the crate. From a distance and from certain angles, it appears empty. This is something that a customer should never see in a store – empty aisles or empty crates.

How Do Transparent Retail Containers Solve These Problems?

Now that we have explained the issue, let us present the solution. Like other professional packaging producers, Logistic Packaging is analyzing every way in which we can help our clients. We developed the transparent retail containers specifically for supermarkets.

Here is the thought process behind the design and production of these transparent retail crates:

  • Product handling should be reduced as much as possible
  • The products should be sent to store aisles as soon as possible
  • Everyone in the store should be able to see all the products clearly.

With these thoughts in mind, our R&D team created these foldable crates which offer supermarket managers the following benefits:

 1. A Sturdy Packaging Solution for Delivering Products from the Warehouse

The transparent retail containers are suitable for loading into vans and delivering products to your supermarket. They are designed for long term use under intense conditions. They will not break or crack and offer any products optimal protection, including bottled goods and fresh produce.

2. Packaging Adequate for All Types of Products

The foldable see-through crates are made from materials approved for food contact. They do not retain odors and are resistant to:

  • Moisture
  • Acids
  • Solvents
  • Fungi
  • Insects.

Thus, the transparent retail crates can be used for dairy products, meat, fresh produce or packaged foods (cans, bottles, etc.).

3. Minimalistic Design Focusing Attention on the Products

The see-through crates are strong enough to carry goods from the warehouse to your store backroom and have a professional look, adequate for aisle display. Moreover, since they are made of transparent materials, all visual attention is focused on the products.

Also, since all the products inside are visible, your display crates will never appear empty to customers.

4. A Space Saving Packaging Solution

Space in store backrooms and warehouses is at a premium. As packaging experts, we are trying to solve the problem of saving space by creating foldable packaging materials. As it happens, one of the models in our range of transparent retail containers can reduce its height to just 35 mm when it is folded down.

Logistic Packaging is committed to help all companies optimize their operations and grow their sale with innovative and efficient reusable packaging solutions. Send us an email to start discussing your packaging application with one of our experts!