returnable packaging trends for 2022

Top Returnable Packaging Trends for 2022

As we approach the end of a troubled 2021, we look resolutely towards the future. Although our world has changed completely and will never return to what it used to be, goods must keep moving across the globe and reach consumers. And packaging plays a key role in the global supply chain. So today we will discuss some of the key returnable packaging trends for 2022 that are already emerging.

As professional packaging producers, we are constantly looking out for the latest trends and developments in our industry. The Logistic Packaging experts never stop interacting with other specialists and exchanging ideas. This is how we are able to identify emerging trends and determine whether they are passing or they are here to stay.

What Influences Returnable Packaging Trends for 2022

Without a doubt the COVID pandemic has represented the number one influencing factor for the trends in reusable plastic packaging we will present in this article. There is no question about it – the virus has virtually entered every system and element of our lives and changed it.

From the vulnerabilities of the supply chain to the challenges of keeping workplaces open while social distancing, everyone, from the CEO from the most junior employee, encountered issues never experienced before. The same is true about the ways in which the procedures for moving goods changed.

As these challenges are still affecting the way we have to live and work, we believe these returnable packaging trends will define our industry in 2022:

1. Tamper-Proof Returnable Packaging

The healthcare sector has grown in importance more than ever and so did its challenges and requirements. The shipment of COVID vaccines and treatments has set the bar at an unbelievably high level in terms of security and traceability.

One of the key returnable packaging trends for 2022 will be an increased demand for tamper-proof packaging. We already have this option in our standard product range – nestable containers for pharma products which can be fitted with a seal on the lid. And we are prepared to continue developing other reusable packaging products that offer companies the guarantee that their shipments were not interfered with in transit.

2. More Industries Will Adopt Returnable Packaging

Online shopping has become the norm for all B2C niches, and it has generated new challenges for logistics manager. One of these is dealing with returned orders. The only way of managing this flow of products in both directions (store to customer and customer to store) is by implementing returnable packaging.

At Logistic Packaging, we already have a comprehensive range of standard plastic packaging solutions adapted for the needs of all industries. When standard is not enough, we can create completely customized packaging solutions for our clients.

3. COVID Compliant Packaging Processes

The virus that changed our lives can survive on various surfaces for a period of time. And this is a major concern for consumers. Will I get a deadly virus together with my online order? This is a valid question and companies must have an answer ready.

This is why a top returnable packaging trend for 2022 is assuring clients that the packaging process and the materials used are safe. Plastic packaging is ideal for implementing COVID compliant safety procedures. These packaging materials are easy to clean and sanitize, even using strong disinfectants. The packages will not get damaged and require repair or replacement, even after repeated cycles of intense use followed by thorough washing and disinfecting.

4. Packaging Automation

Replacing human labor with robots is not only cost effective, but also helps reduce the spreading of the virus. In this context, many companies are transforming their packaging lines and making them fully automated. However, they will also need to rethink their packaging solutions. Modern returnable packaging materials have special features designed for robotic arms and automated conveyor lines.

Logistic Packaging is ready to respond to this packaging trend. Many of our products are already used in fully robotized production, assembly and packaging facilities. We can also design custom packaging materials to meet very specific needs.

5. Interactive Packaging

For decades, label holders have helped companies apply, remove and replace labels indicating the contents of foldable large containers and shipping totes. However, a new technology emerged: RIFD (radio frequency identification). A simple chip can be attached to a shipping crate and display a lot more data on a dedicated handheld device screen than a label.

Companies use RFID chips for real time tracking of their shipments and for validation purposes in customs and other checkpoints. At Logistic Packaging, we already offer the option of customizing standard packaging materials with RFID chips or barcodes/QR codes for improved transparency in your supply chain.

Whatever challenges in packaging and logistics you may face, we are ready to help you overcome them. We invite you to discuss with the Logistic Packaging experts any questions you may have about the impact of returnable packaging trends for 2022 on your supply chain and what you can do to adapt. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call with us!