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A Major Step towards Sustainability: Implement Reusable Plastic Packaging in Your Organization

Plastic and sustainability don’t seem to fit together, unless we are talking about reusable plastic packaging. In a world where waste of resources can hurt the reputation of any organization, packaging is a core part of actions taken towards sustainability.

What Is the Outlook on Sustainable Business Operations?

In a survey conducted by HSBC, over 5,000 companies shared their position towards sustainable operations. Thus:

  • 4 in 5 organizations believe that sustainability and ethical conduct are important;
  • 65% of businesses believe that a sustainable approach helps them attract and retain top talent;
  • 34% of decision makers consider sustainability a competitive advantage;
  • 29% of companies regard sustainability as way of increasing efficiency.

Even more importantly, 65% of respondents stated that their organizations are working towards increasing their sustainability.

What Is the Role of Reusable Plastic Packaging in Sustainability?

Over the time, the packaging experts at Logistic Packaging aimed to set matters straight concerning various myths regarding plastic packaging solutions. The word plastic is widely associated with waste and pollution. However, this is applicable to single use packaging and utensils (such as plastic straws, spoons, forks, etc.).

As we indicated in a news article, reusable plastic packaging materials have a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to other industrial packaging solutions. Our findings indicate that returnable plastic packages bring savings in terms of:

  • Energy used for manufacturing them
  • Water consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Acidification of the soil.

How Exactly Can Your Organization Be More Sustainable with Reusable Plastic Packaging?

Now we will prove our assertions, by indicating the ways in which organizations achieve sustainability by adopting returnable packaging materials. These are, among others:

1. Long Useful Life

The average professional plastic container or pallet can is designed for over 120 cycles of use. This means that for each plastic container, a company that relies on one-way packages needs 120 cardboard boxes. This means more costs to purchase the packages, as well as expenses incurred by their customers to dispose of the respective packaging materials.

2. Easy to Clean and Repair

Reusable plastic packaging have the lowest total cost of ownership compared to wooden or cardboard packages. They can be cleaned and sanitized within a standard wash cycle. Their sturdy build makes them less prone to crack and splinter. However, when this happens, some models of distribution boxes and containers allow replacing the damaged part with a new one. This means that you can prolong the useful life of the respective returnable packaging materials at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

3. Professional Packaging Equals Satisfied Clients

The use of professional plastic packaging has a positive impact on sustainability even from the point of view of sales and brand value. Products or raw materials shipped in returnable packages will be delivered in good condition, protected from damage in transit.

This will boost your clients’ trust in your business. They will choose you as their preferred supplier, as well as recommend your products to other business partners.

4. Plastic Is Always Sourced Ethically

Making a plastic container does not involve felling trees or using up other natural resources as primary raw material. Plastic is a byproduct of oil and gas processing. Thus, the plastic packaging industry actually helps reduce the waste generated by the oil industry, by making use of its residues.

5. Standard Packaging Materials Speed Up the Supply Chain

Standardization makes everything work faster and more efficiently. In the case of reusable plastic packaging, standard materials such as EURO pallets, EURO containers and other standard sized boxes and crates help companies:

  • Estimate their shipping costs more accurately
  • Handle packaging with logistic equipment designed to fit these packaging solutions
  • Organize and optimize storage space in warehouses and backrooms.

At Logistic Packaging you will find a team of dedicated experts who can help you improve sustainability through professional reusable plastic packaging. Send us an email or schedule a live video chat by Skype with us!