stack nest bakery crates

From the Oven into Stack Nest Bakery Crates: The Secret of Fresh Pastry

Bread and pastry products are very popular everywhere around the world. From daily staple to every meal to delicious snack, bakery products can be found in almost every home. But they are highly perishable products. Once they’ve lost their freshness and become stale, nobody buys them. This is why producers and distributors need stack nest bakery crates to pack and ship their goods.

The Bakery Products Supply Chain Must Be Short and Quick

In the past, everyone had a small bakery nearby. Consumers bought directly from the producer. Practically, the baker would take the piping hot bread and pastry products from the oven and put it directly onto shelves.

Now, there are very few independent bakeries, catering to specific customers, who want craft, bio or gluten-free bakery products. Most people buy bakery products from supermarket. This means that the supply chain from oven to shelf is longer. It involves a few steps:

  • Packaging and placing into crates
  • Loading the crates into a van
  • Unloading the crates into the store backroom
  • Bringing the products to the aisle.

During each of these four steps, bread and pastry products can get damaged and become unsuitable for selling. This is why we design and produce sturdy and reliable stack nest bakery crates.

How Stack Nest Bakery Crates Improve the Bread Supply Chain

You know that you cannot keep your store shelves nearly empty, even if it’s one hour before close time. Your clients need to see full shelves and choose the best looking bread or pastry product.

However, the longer bakery products stay on shelves, the quicker they become stale. So, what do you do? How do you keep your clients happy without sustaining loss from products past their due date? The answer is: with stack nest bakery crates.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using this professional returnable packaging solution:

1. You Can Place Freshly Baked Products into the Crates

We test every type of raw material we use for many factors, including temperature resistance. The stack nest bakery crates have a recommended temperature range between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius. Thus, after letting the products cool down for a short while, your employees can put them into the crates.

From then on, no further change is needed, as the crates can be loaded into vans and then placed on store shelves.

2. Stack Nest Bakery Crates Have a Special Design to Extend Shelf Life

The stack nest bakery crates have perforated bottom and sides. This is very important for bread and pastry, because they need proper ventilation. Otherwise, the steam from hot products would condense on the crate walls and the products would become spoiled.

We came up with this design after discussing directly with clients in your industry and understanding their specific needs and challenges.

3. The Crates Have Ergonomic Handles

We leave nothing to chance in designing our products. Thus, we take into account that handling accidents can cause a lot of damage to bakery producers and retailers. To help reduce the frequency of these incidents, we added ergonomic handles on the short sides of the stack nest bakery crates.

Specific models in this range of crates also have handles on the long sides.

4. The Crates Can Be Stacked on EURO Pallets

All the stack nest bakery crates have a footprint compatible with EURO pallets. This will help your company group crates and reduce the total volume of your daily shipments. In a short time, you will notice significant savings in transportation costs.

At the same time, the pallets offer extra stability and protection to the loaded crates during the journey from your bakery to the supermarket.

5. You Can Color Code Different Types of Products

Many bakeries offer products for people with special diets – gluten-free being the most popular type of such product. In this case, it is very important to avoid cross contamination with other products.

Our stack nest bakery crates are available in four colors. Thus, you can assign crates of a specific color to a single type of product. This will help your employees avoid using the crates for other products.

At Logistic Packaging, we are committed to helping clients find reliable and cost effective packaging solutions for any kind of product and specific application. Send us an email to start discussing with our packaging specialists about more benefits of choosing stack nest bakery crates.