plastic pallets for pharma applications

The Role of Plastic Pallets in Pharma Applications

Plastic pallets are the most versatile returnable packaging solution in all industries. For Logistic Packaging, they represent one of the key product categories we produce. We offer complete packaging solutions and pallets play a crucial role in creating a distribution and logistics strategy for clients. In this article, we will discuss the importance of high quality plastic pallets in pharma applications.

The Key Challenges of Distribution in the Pharma Industry

Our packaging experts are aware that the pharma industry is subject to the highest level of scrutiny in terms of:

  • Hygiene
  • Traceability
  • Safety.

Pharmaceutical products have specific conditions for storage and distribution. Some of them need special climate condition (cold storage and shipping). Others need to be protected from mechanical shocks. For others, protection against spillage and contaminations is essential.

Yet, for all these products and their special requirements, the packaging industry has the same effective solution: plastic pallets for pharma applications.

New Pressures on an Already Complex Supply Chain

The global COVID pandemic has made the pharma supply chain even more complex and subject to pressure. The need to ship vaccines and treatments for COVID patients has added even more factors to consider for logistic managers in pharma distribution companies.

For our team of packaging specialists, these new challenges were not left unheard. We have increased our efforts to speed up deliveries of plastic pallets for pharma applications and to search for new ways in which we can assist our clients in optimizing their logistic processes.

At the present, our range of plastic pallets for pharma applications includes:

1. Hygienic/Cleanroom Pallets

This special range of plastic pallets for pharma applications is used especially in cleanroom environments, specifically in the production and primary packaging area of pharmaceutical production companies.

Hygienic pallets have a very simplified design, without edges and openings that may accumulate dirt, microbes and spilled liquids. These pallets are very easy to clean and sanitize and can be quickly returned for a new usage cycle.

2. Closed Deck Pallets

When pharmaceutical products are safely packed in shipping totes – especially nestable containers with lids for pharma industry, closed deck pallets are ideal for stacking the boxes safely and loading them into a van.

The pallets have a standard EURO footprint, just like the nestable containers. This means that pharma distributors can plan their shipments so that they make the best use of pallet surface and maximize the use of the space in the van.

3. One-Way Light Pallets

Open deck pallets for export represent the best choice for companies that distribute pharma products in different countries. They usually do not expect to get their pallets back. This choice of plastic pallets for pharma applications offers all the benefits these companies need: they are cost effective and offer optimal protection to the packaged products stacked onto them. Plus, their light weight optimizes international shipping costs.

Key Features of Plastic Pallets for Pharma Applications

We design and produce all our products with three key principles in mind:

  • Quality
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability.

We understand the requirements our clients have and use their feedback to constantly improve our products. The plastic pallets for pharma applications have various features that meet the strict requirements of our clients:

  • Resistance to a wide range of temperatures, including those in cold storage and refrigerated vans
  • Raw materials approved for contact with sensitive substances
  • Design adapted for no-touch handling (robotic arms, logistic equipment)
  • Resistance to chemicals, humidity, odors and solvents
  • Non-splintering, adequate for heavy-duty applications.

The team of packaging experts at Logistic Packaging is always prepared to help your company identify ways to improve its logistic and supply chain operations. Whether you need plastic pallets for pharma applications or other returnable packaging solutions, we are ready to supply them. Send us an email and describe your packaging needs!