reusable plastic packaging

How Reusable Plastic Packaging Helps Your Merchandizing Efforts

“How do I get to sell more products?” This is probably the number one question for every store manager. As competition between retail brands gets to cutthroat levels, he who makes customers come back more often and buy more is the winner. Among many sales and merchadizing tactics you have in mind, did you know that reusable plastic packaging is a trusted ally for you?

What Is the Role of Reusable Plastic Packaging In Retail?

These professional packaging materials play a double role. On one hand, for the retailer, reusable plastic packaging saves time, money and storage space and also prevents losses due to damaged products. On the other hand, for the consumer, clean and professional looking packaging materials are the guarantee of hygiene and product safety.

It is easy to see the difference between fresh apples, neatly arranged in a plastic crate with perforated walls and the same produce packed in a stained wooden crate, with splinters that damage the fruit and make them unappealing for the clients.

Professional Packages Are the Rock Stars of In-Store Display

There is no exaggeration. Store displays are all about order, color, shape and size. Marketing and psychological studies determine how to arrange products on shelves to attract customers and persuade them to buy more and to choose specific brands.

However, you cannot achieve that picture perfect display without adequate props – the packaging materials. In this article, the team of packaging experts at Logistic Packaging will share with you a few ways you didn’t know of in which reusable plastic packaging helps your merchandizing efforts.

1. Separate Products Inside the Same Display Container

Standard reusable packaging materials are called this because they have standard footprints. Their base is either EURO or ISO sized. This means that one large EURO container can be fitted with several standard sized crates, without wasting a single cubic centimeter of space.

And it also means that you can neatly arrange green apples next to red apples and golden pears in an appealing and neatly ordered display that will drive customers straight to your fresh fruit aisle.

2. Offer Useful Information on Easy to Read Labels

Customers are interested to know everything about the products they buy. Where do they come from? When were they harvested? Do they come from bio farms? Are they ethically sourced by fair-trade companies?

All this information can be neatly printed on a label and placed inside the label holder affixed on the reusable plastic packaging. Many models of plastic boxes, containers and crates are either equipped with a label holder as a standard accessory. Others have a smooth surface where such a label holder can be affixed at your demand. All the products in the Logistic Packaging portfolio have clear details whether they are supplied with or can be fitted with label holders.

3. Easy To Clip On Extra Product Info

If the label is not enough, you can always add a clip-on label holder sharing other useful details, such as the variety of the produce and, if applicable, the daily discount. Reusable plastic packaging is made from reliable and sturdy materials. Thus, they can withstand mechanical shocks without getting damaged.

The resilience of professional packages is the reason why they became popular in retail stores, where speed to restock shelves can lead to less than gentle treatment of boxes and crates.

4. Choose Premium Looking Crates and Trays

The special range of see-through retail display crates developed by Logistic Packaging is ideal for promoting special brands or products. The minimalist look of the crate allows the product to stand out visually and attract the customer’s attention.

5. Promote Sale of Fresh Produce

From farm to store in just one day – that’s what many commercials say. But with reusable plastic packaging, you can actually prove your customers that the tomatoes, potatoes and apples on your shelves did not exchange many hands and packages. Professional packages are designed to streamline the packing and shipping of fresh food, making the supply chain simpler and easier to trace.

At Logistic Packaging, your business is our key concern. We design and produce reusable plastic packaging to fit your needs and help you grow your sales. Get in touch with us by email or schedule a live Skype video call to discuss your packaging application!