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How Reusable Plastic Containers Make Work Safer for Retail Employees

Opting for reusable plastic containers has many benefits for your business. You can rely on professional products, made to last for a long time. You incur a low total cost of ownership. Your clients will receive their orders in good conditions and will trust your business for a long term partnership. And even your employees will experience a significant benefit – safer work conditions.

What Do Reusable Plastic Containers Have to Do with Labor Safety?

As producers of reusable plastic containers, at Logistic Packaging we are careful about every aspect related to our products. Our R&D team is constantly looking for ways to make our packages more reliable, more sustainable and safer for the people who work with them directly.

Over the years, we have received feedback from our clients and incorporated their suggestions in various design changes. This is why professional packaging materials are always evolving. The conditions in warehouses, storage facilities and stores of ten years ago, for instance, are not the same as the ones found today. Ten years ago, few companies used automated machines for loading/unloading. Now they are the norm at global level.

In the same way, what was deemed safe labor for an employee ten years ago is no longer acceptable by best practices and legal regulations. Thus, as exigencies changed, reusable plastic containers also changed to meet the new standards.

Here are just a few ways in which these professional packaging materials make work safer and easier for your retail employees:

1. High Quality Materials that Do Not Chip or Splinter

Traditional wooden crates and pallets were absolutely unreliable and unsafe to be handled by workers after a few uses. They would chip and splinter, causing scratches and wounds even through gloves.

Plus, they would absorb liquid and dirt, posing a serious health threat for someone getting hurt by them. By comparison, reusable plastic pallets and containers are made of high quality PP, a sturdy material that does not crack or splinter. They are perfectly safe to handle even after multiple use cycles.

2. Ergonomic Handles Designed for Comfort and Safety

Supermarket employees need to work fast and replenish shelves with products. With older models of crates and containers, they risked dropping them or injuring their hands because the handles were uncomfortable and unreliable.

Modern reusable plastic containers have open handles on at least two sides. However, many models produced by Logistic Packaging have handles on all sides. They are wide enough even for people with large hands to get a good grasp, and have a smooth surface, preventing accidental scratches and other injuries.

3. Resistance to Low Temperatures without Cracking

Fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and meat have to be kept in cold storage. The low temperature condition causes various packaging materials to contract and crack. These packages can then easily break and injure an employee when they are picked up.

Professional packages are designed for the cold chain. We understand that some products need to be kept in cold storage and shipped in refrigerated trucks. This is why we test raw materials to check whether they withstand temperature variations. Each product in our catalog has clear specifications concerning the temperature tolerances for which it is safe to use.

4. Easy to Fold Down

Many companies opt for collapsible or foldable containers to save space in their storage units. For older packaging materials, folding down and setting up each container was quite complex and took time. In certain cases, the movable parts would break and injure the person handling them.

Modern foldable large containers or collapsible boxes are designed to make your employees’ work easier and safer. They can be easily folded down or set up and do not break if they are handled correctly.

5. Improved Stackability

One of the most dangerous situations in any warehouse or storage unit is when a stack of loaded container collapses and falls down over a person. At Logistic Packaging, we take you employees’ safety very seriously. For this reason, we continually work to improve the design of our stackable containers, providing them with accessories that improve their stability.

At the same time, we include in our product presentations all the details you need to know about stacking height, dynamic, static and stack load.

We value our customers’ business and understand their need for professional and safe reusable plastic containers. Contact us by email or schedule a live Skype chat to discuss your packaging needs!