reusable plastic containers

Reusable Plastic Containers – More Than Just a Packing Box

To say we are passionate about our work at Logistic Packaging is an understatement. We are completely dedicated to our mission of making global commerce more efficient, faster and less expensive though the use of professional reusable plastic containers, pallets and accessories.

What for others is just a plastic packing box, for us and our clients it is a smart and reliable solution for storing and shipping any kind of product. Just imagine how far products have to travel these days. Every supermarket is stocked with consumer goods mostly made in China, exotic fruit from Africa and South America and wine from all the major vineyards in the world – from France, to South Africa and California.

Reusable Plastic Containers Make the Retail World Go Round

All these products would never reach the shelves of your supermarket if they weren’t safely packed in reliable boxes and containers. Imagine the old corrugated cardboard boxes stacked onto wooden pallets, then hoisted up on an ocean freighter, then unloaded, placed in trailers and onward on roads to storage facilities. Would you imagine any kind of fresh fruit, delicate clothing item or sensitive electronic device making it in one piece to the destination?

Reusable plastic containers are not just packing boxes, but the result of ongoing R&D work by specialists like our own packaging experts at Logistic Packaging. We learn from our client’s challenges and problems and create solutions to solve them. We don’t just make plastic containers, we design for space saving, adequate protection of the products and safe handling by your employees.

Still Think Investing in Professional Packaging Is Not a Priority? Think Again!

The cheap packaging materials of old are no longer an option for successful companies. As a saying goes – I’m too poor to buy cheap. In business terms, you cannot afford to invest money in unreliable packaging, even if they are cheaper than reusable plastic containers. Here are just a few reasons why:

 1. You Can’t Afford Writing Off Any More Damaged Products

Let’s go back to the corrugated cardboard boxes and wooden pallets. Even if they don’t have to travel overseas, but arrive from a local farm, you will still find damaged products. Fresh fruit and vegetables are notoriously sensitive during transport and storage. Wilted lettuce, crushed tomatoes, and apples with marks on their shiny peel – all these need to be sold at a discount price, or even completely written off.

Discard the cardboard boxes and wooden pallets and replace them with reliable plastic pallets and crates for vegetables, with vented sides and smooth inner walls. You will see every order delivered in good conditions, with a minimum percentage of damaged products.

2. Smart Devices Need Smart Packaging Solutions

There is a constant demand from smart gadgets – from smartphones to the smart light switch that can be operated with a remote control to dim the light or turn it off completely. But these devices require special conditions for shipping and storage. The smallest electrostatic discharge created by friction, a few mechanical shocks and vibrations, and you can send that item straight into the recycling bin. Can you afford to do that with your merchandize?

If the answer is no, you should opt for special ESD reusable plastic containers. We have a full range of ESD packaging solutions for any kind of electronic products – from storage trays for PCBs to large ESD containers and pallets.

3. A Liquid Disaster Waiting to Happen

No, we do not speak of a major flood that damages your warehouse or storage room. We mean all sorts of liquids that can be spilled on packaged products – especially meats and dairy products. A soggy cardboard box dripping all over the floor and a stained wooded pallet that will never look clean again, no matter how hard you try are not an appetizing image. Nor hygienic and safe for the consumers, for that matter.

And this is why most food producers, processors and distributors rely on reusable plastic containers, that do not absorb and leak liquids, are resistant to fats and oils and are easy to clean and sanitize.

4. Beauty Sells Everywhere

It doesn’t matter how good your products are. If they are not visually appealing on the store shelves, they will never get more than a glance from clients. The art of merchandizing and marketing relies heavily on visuals – patterns, colors and shapes – that look attractive to most people.

And we take this aspect into account when designing and producing reusable plastic containers. We combine looks with utility, offer our main product lines in various colors and with different customization options.

5. People Love Green Companies

There is an increasing awareness at global level of the importance of reducing wastes, pollution and making better use of natural resources. This awareness translates into actions: people prefer buying from companies that are committed to recycle and reduce the wastes they generate.

With reusable plastic containers, you will take a big step forward towards being a green company. These professional packaging materials are designed for long term use. And when it is time to retire them, you won’t be sending them to a landfill – but to a recycling plant to be transformed into other useful products.

The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging are ready to show you even more ways in which you can benefit from using reusable plastic containers. Send us an email or schedule a live Skype video chat and let us transform your logistic operations!