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Reusable Packaging Materials in 2020: Key Trends that Will Transform the Industry

Reusable packaging materials are the professional choice for all industries. They are designed to offer optimal protection to the products placed inside them during shipping and storage. At the same time, these plastic packages have a long useful life, offer a low total cost of ownership and help businesses optimize the use of storage space and reduce operational costs.

What Is New in the Field of Reusable Packaging Materials?

As a logistic manager you know that you made the right choice in opting for professional packaging materials. But you also need to think on the long term. Thus, you are probably wondering whether your plastic pallets and containers will continue to represent the best choice for your products.

Will you have to update your entire batch of packaging materials? Will you have to look for new products altogether? The specialists at Logistic Packaging are aware of our clients’ questions and we have the answers for you.

Thus, we prepared this list of trends for reusable packaging materials in 2020 and beyond. These are trends are determined by three key factors:

  • The latest advancements and innovations in the professional packaging sector
  • The customers’ demands for more reliable packaging solutions
  • The authorities’ rules and norms for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Based on our research and know-how, these are the main trends concerning professional packaging materials:

1. Environmentally Friendly Reusable Packages Become the Norm

Environmental protection legislation has become tougher all over the world. Governments in all countries want to see a significant drop in pollution, especially from major industries like automotive, production and retail.

Thus, these industries need to opt for environmentally friendly packaging. The professional plastic packaging materials you are using meet this demand, because they are made of recycled or recyclable materials.

 2. Enhanced Branding and Package Identification by Digital Printing

Digital printing helps companies customize their reusable packaging materials. They can add their logo, brand name and other graphic designs in a wide range of colors. This type of printing does not fade, cannot be wiped or washed away and maintains its bright colors for a long time.

With digital printing, you can also reduce theft and loss of returnable plastic packages. You can either order new packaging materials with digital printing, or customize the existing batch of products.

 3. Specialized Reusable Packaging for Ecommerce Businesses

Online shopping has changed the business model for all retail companies. Customers prefer to shop from the comfort of their home or on the go using their mobile phones. They also expect to receive the ordered products as soon as possible – next day or even on the same day.

This tremendous change in retail entails a new philosophy for packaging materials. Both retailers and courier companies need to create a stock of reliable order picking boxes and delivery totes. These smaller reusable packages are used by local distribution hubs and couriers to deliver the packages to customers.

 4. Smart Features Embedded into Reusable Packaging Materials

Smart features like QR codes and RFID labels are not new, but in 2020 they will become the norm. As more businesses rely on smart devices and specialized apps to keep track of merchandize, these smart accessories become a basic necessity.

They are also easy to apply on plastic pallets, plastic containers, crates and boxes. When they cannot be embedded in the reusable packaging materials, they can be easily applied on label holders.

 5. Space Saving Packaging Materials for All Industries

Storage space in warehouses and in the trailer is at a premium for all industries. The global supply chain has sped up tremendously; thus there is a constant demand for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. At the same time, transportation costs are going up and they are determined by volumetric weight.

In this context, space saving reusable packaging materials such as foldable containers and collapsible boxes are in high demand by all industries. At the same time, flexible packaging units, such as plastic pallets with pallet collars and lids are also an efficient and space saving solution for order picking and shipping.

The team of experts at Logistic Packaging can help you select the most adequate reusable packaging materials for your business and logistic operations. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call to discuss your project!