reusable plastic packaging

Retailers Choose Reusable Plastic Packaging as In-Store Display to Attract Customers

Reusable plastic packaging serves many purposes for companies in all industries. They help with space and cost optimization, improve safety for products in transit and reduce the waste generated by various businesses. And there is yet one more benefit in using professional packaging solution: they have an attractive design which makes them ideal for in-store display.

Product Attractiveness Is a Key Purchasing Factor

When you design and create product, you want to fulfill a need. Whether it is a need for food or clothing, or the need to feel beautiful and attractive, each product found in store aisles has this end purpose. However, some needs are basic, others more elevated. The more elevated the need, the more selective the consumer becomes.

How does reusable plastic packaging factor in this discussion? The answer is – colorful plastic crates, pallets and containers enhance the visual appeal of any product. Merchandisers pick the display in specific colors that contrast with the product color in order to make it more visible.

Just look at the fresh produce sector. Colorful vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and cabbage are in black crates. Thus, their color appears even more vibrant and appealing. Onions and potatoes usually stand in crates whose color pattern mimics hessian – the traditional way people were used to storing them.

The Attraction Factor – Ways in Which Reusable Plastic Packaging Boosts Sales

Displaying merchandise in store is an art and a precise science at the same time. Psychologists and marketers create patterns of shapes and colors that persuade the client to walk down the entire aisle and pick various products.

In our work with retailers, Logistic Packaging specialists have identified several types of reusable plastic packaging materials as ideal in-store displays:

1. Display Plastic Pallets for Cans and Bottles

Canned and bottled food usually stands alone, at the end of store aisles. The grouping of products encourages the consumer to pick complementary items. For example, beer and soft drink cans appear at both ends of the aisles with snacks. Milk cartons stand next to cereal boxes.

In order to create such a display most retailers choose to build a stack on a display pallet (also known as a half pallet). Smaller and lighter in size than plastic pallets for intense use, these reusable plastic packaging materials offer stability to the products and allow a full view of all the items.

2. Perforated Crates for Fruit and Vegetables

Plastic crates for fruit and vegetables are available in a wide range of colors to suit different products. We can also produce custom colored crates for clients who want a special way of displaying their fresh produce.

Beside the attractiveness factor, these reusable plastic packaging materials are also an excellent option for extending shelf life.

3. The Special See Through Range for Display

As professional packaging producers, we try to solve all our customer’s demands and needs. Thus, we developed a special range of plastic trays and crates for retailers. These products are transparent, have an elegant look and allow the customer to focus solely on the product.

However, these reusable plastic packaging solutions are not just pretty – they are also sturdy and offer a long lifespan and a low total cost of ownership.

4. EURO Containers for Displaying Various Items

Stackable EURO containers are among the most versatile reusable plastic packaging materials. All industries use them, including retailers. Our range of EURO containers features:

  •  Wide range of colors
  • Full or perforated walls
  • Handles – open, closed or none
  • Various depths and loading capacities.

For special applications, we offer this range of containers in non-EURO footprints, but priced as standard packaging solutions.

5. Crates for Bakery Products

Fresh bread, scones, croissants and other types of pastries are a staple in any supermarket. People grab pastries to snack on while they commute to work or choose their favorite type of bread carefully.

No matter what their needs or purchase habits, they love the sight of fresh bakery products neatly displayed in special plastic crates. These reusable plastic packaging solutions keep these delicate products fresh for a long time and offer them exceptional protection during transport and handling.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and consumers are more exigent than ever. Make sure that your products look their best in attractive reusable plastic packaging materials. The team of specialists at Logistic Packaging is ready to help you make the best choice, so send us an email detailing your business needs!