plastic pallet collars help your company reduce shipping costs

Reasons to Implement Plastic Pallet Collars in Your Packaging Strategy

One of the biggest challenges for all types of companies is keeping shipping costs under control. With the increased costs of fuel and manpower, this task is increasingly difficult for logistics managers. In this complex formula, packaging plays a key role – especially plastic pallet collars.

Today, the packaging experts at Logistic Packaging will discuss the benefits of using this simple, but innovative packaging solution for optimizing shipping costs. In our experience working with clients, plastic pallet collars proved to be the right choice for several packaging issues they were facing.

Plastic Pallet Collars – the Superior Solution to the Wooden Version

Pallet collars are not a recent invention. Many companies still rely on wooden collars, which have been around for decades. However, plastic pallet collars are the better choice for the current needs of safe and effective packaging.

These modern collars have several important benefits over wooden pallet collars:

  • They do not crack or splinter
  • They do not absorb liquids and do not modify their weight over time
  • They can be cleaned and sanitized properly
  • They have a longer lifespan than wooden collars.

Preparing Orders with Pallet Collars Saves Time

The clock starts ticking from the moment a client placed an order. Thankfully, online orders are communicated almost instantaneously to all involved parties, including the warehouse employees.

This is where valuable time is usually lost, during several steps in order picking and preparation. While warehouse management software helps employees identify the right products, there is no smart solution or app for finding the ideally sized container to pack them.

This is where plastic pallet collars come in. The worker can start placing products on the pallet and build up a packaging unit collar by collar. With a pallet lid on top, the order is ready for shipment in a short time.

Modular Packing Units Also Help Companies Reduce Shipping Costs

Whether you hire the entire trailer or just a portion of space in grouping shipments, you want to make the most of this space. With rigid packaging solutions, this is not always possible.

You cannot risk getting the products damaged by overfilling containers, so many of the shipments will carry empty air. Here is how plastic pallet collars solve this problem. Each packaging unit is exactly the right height for the products inside.

Moreover, since they are built up on EURO or ISO sized pallets, these packing units are stackable inside the trailer. Thus, you can maximize the quantity of actual products per cubic meter.

Plastic Pallet Collars Have a Low Own Weight

Optimization per volume is not enough in order to reduce shipping costs. Each trailer has a maximum loading capacity. Unfortunately, a lot of it is taken by the packaging itself if your company still uses wooden collars.

They actually tend to increase their weight over time as they absorb various liquids. This is not the case with plastic pallet collars. They are not absorbent, do not modify their weight in time and have a low weight compared to their resistance.

Thus, the product/packaging weight ratio will shift significantly towards the products inside the trailer.

Pallet Collars Help You Save Costs on Return Logistics

Here is one last – but very important – benefit of using plastic pallet collars. Once the client received the goods, they can detach and fold the collars and remove the stacking corners. These collars have hinges allowing diagonal folding.

Thus, you will not have to pay for a full trailer of empty packages – but for a fraction of the volume. The folded collars sit neatly on the pallet with the lid on top, and the total volume of the packing unit is reduced by up to 80 percent.

The team of experts at Logistic Packaging can help you find cost effective and reliable packaging solutions for your products. For every challenge, we have a solution, such as plastic pallet collars, or the heavy-duty version made of aluminum. Send us an email to start discussing your packaging application!