customized returnable packaging

Reasons to Choose Customized Returnable Packaging for Your Products

Customized returnable packaging is the answer of any professional packaging producer like Logistic Packaging to special challenges. Although we strive to offer our clients a large and comprehensive range of standard packaging materials, sometimes they are just not the right fit for their needs. On many occasions, we tried to find a good match for a client’s requirements among our standard range, but ultimately recommended designing a custom packaging material that fits the product.

Why Should You Invest in Customized Returnable Packaging?

When none of the standard packaging solutions works, it means that your products are truly special. They are very fragile or sensitive, very large or heavy. Thus, you cannot safely store and ship them in standard plastic packaging materials. You may opt to add several layers of protective packaging, but that would make your shipments more voluminous and your operational costs would go up.

By comparison, customized returnable packaging are designed and built to offer all the benefits of professional packaging:

  • Optimal protection for your products
  • Compact size that optimizes the use of space in warehouse and trailer
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Branding opportunities.

This makes custom packages an efficient investment with a high ROI. And we have prepared several reasons for this statement. They come from communications with our clients and their assessment of the customized returnable packaging materials we created for them.

1. Custom Packaging Help Reduce Overheads

When you are trying too hard to fit your products in standard packages, you will end with a series of ongoing overhead costs:

  • Replacing damaged products in customers’ orders for free
  • Repairing damaged packaging materials
  • Purchasing protective packaging materials to reduce damage in transit
  • Paying more for order shipping.

You may not consider some of these costs and expenses significant, but they are all cutting back on your bottom line. Once you decide to invest in packaging that fits the products, specially designed for them, you will recover your investment in a short time and you will see your profits growing.

2. Your Products Are Valuable – So Treat Them as Such

In our experience, customized returnable packaging is required for very special products. Some of these are sensitive and delicate – such as fine retail products, precision instruments, electronic parts and components.

Others are large and expensive industrial manufacturing products. They are usually required in the assembly of automobiles, professional machinery and equipment. But what they all share is that they are valuable, requiring high quality raw materials, special craftsmanship and engineering to manufacture.

Therefore, they deserve the same care and attention to detail in packaging, as they get during the manufacturing process. When these products get damaged, they are usually difficult to refurbish to be brought back to a saleable condition. At Logistic Packaging, we design customized returnable packaging materials that offer your products the best protection, even during rough shipping conditions.

3. Add Special Features to Your Packaging Materials

Some of our customers want to take advantage of modern technologies, such as anti-tampering seals, temperature monitoring stickers and RFID tracking chips. Although we try to offer them as optional accessories for our standard packaging solution, it is not always possible to add them to these products.

When we create customized returnable packaging, we start by including these features in the design of the product. Thus, we can adapt the design to fit these special requirements.

4. Grow Your Brand Equity

Last but not least, customized returnable packaging helps you grow a stronger brand image. First of all, you can customize your packaging with:

  • Your brand colors
  • Your company name and motto
  • Your logo.

At the same time, your customers will be pleased to receive their orders in good condition, packed in professional looking containers, trays and crates, safe from mechanical damage and contaminants.

At Logistic Packaging, we are looking forward to helping you create customized returnable packaging solutions that fit your products and help you reduce operational costs and losses. Send us your project by email or schedule a live Skype video call with us!