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How Professional Plastic Packaging Helps Companies Reduce Manual Labor

The main role of professional plastic packaging is to help companies protect their products during storage and transport. However, they also offer companies various other benefits, some of them less apparent than others. For instance, using plastic pallets, space saving plastic containers and crates can help employees work faster, more efficiently and in a safer manner.

Professional packaging companies like Logistic Packaging consider many aspects in designing and producing reusable packaging materials. Some of these are:

  • Resilience for long term intense use
  • Space saving capabilities
  • Environmental aspects
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Safe for use by employees and automated logistic equipment.

A Better Workplace Means a Thriving Business

You may ask, why do we discuss the issue of manual labor in connection with professional plastic packaging? The answer is that we are trying to show you all the ways in which you can grow your business by choosing reusable packages.

And manual labor is key issue that prevents companies from growing. Carrying and moving heavy loads is slow, unreliable and often leads to accidents. The results of these accidents are injuries and product loss.

Work related injuries trigger the liability of the company to pay worker’s compensations. These can reach a significant amount. Plus, your reputation as an employer will suffer. You will find it hard to attract experienced workers if your company has an alarming track record of labor accidents.

Then, how does professional plastic packaging help your company reduce manual labor?

1. Faster Merchadize Stacking in Warehouses and Store Backrooms

The first operation after receiving the goods is to arrange them in the warehouse or store backroom. And this activity used to take a long time before the era of professional plastic packages.

The merchandize arrived in an assortment of wooden crates and plastic boxes, each of a different size and difficult to stack in a safe and space saving manner. By contrast, plastic pallets, containers and crates have standard footprints and can be easily arranged in a stable stack.

2. From Place of Origin to Store in the Same Package

Warehouse and retail workers would also spend a lot of time unpacking goods from shipping boxes and transferring them into other containers and crates. This activity is not just time consuming, but also prone to accidents.

At the present, the same employees only have to take the packaged products out of the trailers, arrange them in the warehouse, send them on to stores and then display them on the shelves. Professional plastic packaging is not only resilient for intense and long supply chain cycles. These packages are also designed to have a professional look, that can be displayed to customers and win their confidence.

3. Cutting Back on Culling

Culling is the nightmare of any warehouse or store manager. Damaged products mean a financial and reputational loss for the business. However, culling was inevitable when products came packaged in unreliable cardboard boxes and wooden crates.

Professional plastic packaging is designed to offer optimal protection to all kinds of goods. For example, ESD packaging protects electronic instruments from electrostatic discharges. Also, plastic crates for bakery product and shipping crates for fresh fruit and vegetables have perforated bottom and sides to allow proper ventilation.

4. Fewer Packaging Wastes and More Order in the Storage Area

Another task that used to take a lot of time and effort for warehouse and store employees was dealing with empty packages. Some of these needed to be baled up and sent to the shredder or garbage compactor. Others could be reused, but they took up a lot of storage space.

With professional plastic packaging, the issue is simple: these packages can be used over and over for a long time. And they are designed to save storage space: many plastic boxes and crates are stackable and nestable. For even more space saving capabilities, you can opt for collapsible boxes or foldable containers. Both models are easy to set up or fold down by a single person in just a few minutes and with minimum effort.

5. Let Machines Do the Heavy Lifting

Logistic equipment, like the pallet inverter or discharging system for box pallets, works perfectly with professional plastic packaging. So does the forklift. However, these labor saving machines cannot be used for wooden or cardboard packages.

Thus, if you want to reduce manual handling of heavy weights by introducing automatic machines, you have to use professional packages. They are the most advanced option for companies all over the world, operating in various industries, from automotive, to distribution, food production and electronics.

Logistic Packaging produces a full range of standard and custom professional plastic packaging. Contact us to discuss your packaging needs by sending us an email or scheduling a live Skype chat with our experts!