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Professional Packaging Helps Courier Service Manage Christmas Delivery Boom

The Christmas sales season is the time when ecommerce and courier businesses get a true test of the reliability of their supply chain and professional packaging materials. This is when they have to deal with the largest number of orders from customers. Significant discounts as well as the convenience of buying Christmas gifts from the computer or smartphone has made online shopping the preferred way of making purchases for most consumers.

Home Deliveries Create a Complex Logistic Flow for Courier Services

Our client is the one of the key players in courier services in Eastern Europe. They work with major retail and ecommerce businesses. Thus, the Christmas sale season is a hectic time for everyone in the company, from the logistic manager to each warehouse worker.

One of the key challenges for the client is creating a steady and logical supply chain for the various packages they have to handle and deliver. They vary in size from a small cosmetic gift set to a wide screen smart TV. Therefore, it is difficult to select a mix of professional packaging materials that would help the company:

  • Use every inch of their warehouse space efficiently
  • Create a fast logistic flow, without glitches and delays
  • Reduce overall operational costs
  • Find new ways to speed up home deliveries in order to keep up with the competitors.

The Logistic Packaging Specialists Weigh In the Issue

The team of packaging experts from Logistic Packaging had the opportunity to experience a day in the client’s warehouse during peak season. The activity was intense around the clock and workers were trying hard to identify packages, register their AWB in the software suite and group them in compact stacks ready to be shipped to various cities.

The main issue was the lack of predictability in the number and physical size of groupings. Some shipments consisted mainly of small and delicate products, with one or two bulky items in between. Others were, on the contrary, made up of large sized and heavy products plus a few small packages.

The Solution: an Efficient Mix of Professional Packaging Materials

After analyzing the issues and anticipating an even more intense sales period in the future, the Logistic Packaging specialists came up with a solution consisting in two types of professional packaging materials:

This is how these packaging solutions would improve the logistic operations of the courier services.

1. Moving Around and Sorting All Packages in the Warehouse

Rigid pallet boxes would be used at the primary point of collection of all packages: the central warehouses. With the aid of attached label holders, employees would be able to group packages for each main destination (local distribution hubs) and move them around the warehouse.

This means less clutter and less time wasted creating stacks of packages and arranging them in a manner easy to load in trailers. The rigid pallet containers are sturdy, can bear heavy loads and can withstand intense use over a long period of time.

2. Local Distribution of Packages and Envelopes

Once the local distribution hubs receive the packages, they are redistributed in smaller stack-nest containers. Some of these professional packaging materials are in the range of attached lid containers, ideal for envelopes and other sensitive packages that need extra protection from dust, dirt and weather conditions.

These stackable and nestable containers help save space when they are empty, and are ideal for courier services. As the courier delivers packages along their route, they can nest empty totes in the back of the van.

The Client’s Feedback

After implementing the new professional packaging solution, the client noted an increase in the speed for processing packages from the moment they arrive in the central warehouse and until they are delivered at their destination. At the same time, they managed to reorganize both the central warehouse and the local distribution hubs. Now they can receive more packages and the couriers have a simpler and faster procedure for loading their vans before starting on the delivery route.

Logistic Packaging can help your company improve your operations and cut logistic costs by implementing professional packaging solutions adapted to your industry. Send us an email or discuss your project with our specialists by Skype video chat!