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How Professional Packaging Helps Companies Grow Their Sales

Professional packaging is a logical choice for the logistics department. Plastic containers and plastic pallets help speed up operations, reduce transport costs and save space in warehouses. But did you think that these packaging solutions are also a logical choice for the marketing and sales departments?

One Choice for All Involved Departments

Although we speak of the logistics department, production department, financial department and sales department, these are not isolated entities. No manager is “king of the hill” in their own small world, disregarding the needs and demands of the other managers.

Thus, it makes sense to involve all these departments in the decision to implement new professional packaging materials. Even though it is not obvious at first glance, the choice of packaging has a profound impact on most of the core activities of a company.

Safety Comes First, but Don’t Ignore Other Benefits of Professional Packaging

There are so many instances in the case studies and articles shared by the Logistic Packaging specialists, which prove that safe packaging is crucial for any business. Supply chains are longer and logistics loops more complex than a decade ago. And products need to arrive safely at the destination, whether they journeyed on bumpy road or buffeting seas.

But this is not the only benefit of advanced packaging solutions. A customer will start judging your merchandize from the moment it arrives at their warehouse or backroom. They will judge the packaging and then they will judge the condition of the products inside.

How to Use Professional Packaging to Boost Sales and Your Brand Image

At Logistic Packaging, we know the importance of branding and of integrating the packaging in the marketing and sale strategies of your company. And we can offer you suggestions and know-how to improve these strategies.

Here are a few actionable tips:

1. Brand Your Packaging

Your brand image should extend to your professional packaging materials, as well. There are great chances that your large foldable containers or packaging units consisting of plastic pallets topped with pallet lids are seen on the streets, at checkpoints and at loading/unloading areas.

Logistic Packaging offers optional customization for many standard and customized products. This consists of a specific color for the packaging and adding your logo and company name by stamping or hot printing.

2. Choose the Right Packaging for Each Type of Product

As we said above, the first impression matters, either for a B2B client or for an end consumer. To help companies transport and store their products in the best conditions, the packaging industry has developed specific ranges of plastic crates, totes and shipping boxes for various products.

Thus, we can offer you crates with vented bottom and sides for fresh bakery products or specialized shipping totes for pharma products, which can be provided with a seal on the lid. These packaging materials are designed to offer maximum protection and help present your products in a professional and visually appealing manner.

3. From Warehouse to Store Shelf in the Same Packages

Among other benefits of professional packaging, there are special ranges that help minimize handling and speed up deliveries. They have a strong build to protect the goods in transit and have a professional design, adequate for displaying merchandize in store.

In this way, you will reduce costs because you do not need to purchase two types of packages. At the same time, reduced handling means reduced risks of damaging the products. As for the design of the packages, they are meant to focus the customer’s attention on the product.

4. Create Your Own Professional Packaging

There are cases when you need something that you can’t find in any catalog of packaging materials. Maybe you need special dimensions or superior loading capacity for your products. In this situation, working with a professional packaging producer allows you to have customized solutions that fit your products.

This approach will help you ship more products with lower transportation costs and reduce the number of damaged items in transit. At the same time, innovative custom made packages will impress your clients and increase their confidence in your business.

5. Make a Habit Out of Auditing Your Packaging Stock

Do you have enough packaging materials to handle all your orders? How about extra orders during the sales seasons? Is your packaging in good condition?

Regular inspection of your batch of packaging allows your logistics and purchasing managers coordinate their activities and place orders for new professional packaging when necessary.

At Logistic Packaging we believe in helping our clients improve their operations and grow their business. Send us an email or discuss with our specialists by Skype video call!