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Plastic Pallets – the Unsung Heroes of the Supply Chain

We will paraphrase an old saying and state that plastic pallets make the world go round. Or, at least the supply chain, the essential element of global trade and the circulation of goods.  As the last few months proved, any interruption in the supply chain, at any point, causes massive negative effects in various places across the world.

However, global trade did not stop, even under unprecedented circumstances. Goods continued to travel across the oceans, on roads and, finally, in a shopping bag to the consumers’ homes. For the largest part of the journey, these products – from consumer goods to industrial machines and components – were stacked and kept safe on plastic pallets.

One Pallet for Each Job

Why are plastic pallets so important for the supply chain? The answer is simple: these professional packaging materials facilitate:

  • Safe and easy merchandize handling;
  • Creating a standardized pricing policy for shipments;
  • Improving logistic operations;
  • Optimizing operational costs;
  • Adequate protection for products in transit.

At the same time, plastic pallets have different designs and features, adapted for the specific requirements of each industry. Over the years, professional packaging producers like Logistic Packaging listened to their clients and used the information to develop new and innovative pallets to suit their needs.

In this article, we will present in detail some of the best selling models of plastic pallets in our offer and the way in which they contribute to the global supply chain.

Closed Deck Plastic Pallet CDHP1116

This is the largest closed deck plastic pallet in our catalog, with a surface of 1200 x 1000 mm. It is recommended for heavy duty loads as it withstands static loads of up to 7000 kg and racking loads of up to 1000 kg. Designed with 3 skids, it can be easily handled with a forklift and other similar logistic devices.

This closed deck plastic pallet is used in industries that produce and ship very heavy items, such as the automotive industry, the industrial manufacturing industry. As it is resistant to chemical substances, odors and humidity, it is also an excellent choice for distribution companies with a large volume of shipments.

Open Deck Export Light Duty Pallet ODPL 1815

This light duty open deck plastic pallet is an excellent replacement of one-way wooden pallets. It has a reduced own weight, it resists to odors, humidity and chemicals and it does not crack or splinter.

It is made of 100% recyclable materials, like the rest of Logistic Packaging professional packages. Also, despite its compact size and light build, it has a maximum static load of 1500 kg.

Companies that ship a lot of products overseas prefer this model of plastic pallet because it is reliable and can be customized with 9 feet or 3 skids, according to their material handling requirements.

Hygienic Pallet CLP 800

One of the must-have packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries, this plastic pallet is made of virgin materials approved for food contact. It has a simplified design, with smooth surfaces that do not allow the accumulation of dirt and liquids.

As it is resistant to various chemicals, this cleanroom pallet is recommended for the chemical industry, as well. With a maximum static load of up to 4800 kg, CLP 800 meets all the requirements of safety and heavy duty capacity of our clients.

Retail Display Pallet 6040

Supermarkets and other retail stores prefer this model of plastic pallet because it combines the strength of a packaging solution for safe shipping and the professional design required for in store display.

It has a standard EURO size (600 x 400 mm) and an open top deck which facilitates the draining of accidental spills. As storage space is at a premium in store backrooms, this pallet has 4 feet that facilitate nesting.

Closed Deck Medium Duty Pallet 1814

This type of plastic pallet is ideal for shipping stacked goods in conditions of maximum safety. It has 7 mm safety rims on all sides, which ensure superior stability to the loaded products, even during rough journeys.

With a static load of up to 4,000 kg and a dynamic load of up to 1,000 kg, this closed deck plastic pallet is the top choice of many industries from retail, to distribution and manufacturing.

Logistic Packaging offers you the adequate plastic pallets for your specific needs. Contact our specialists by email or schedule a live Skype video chat to discuss your project!