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Plastic Pallets and Pallet Collars – the Perfect Choice for Pharma Distributors

Pharma distribution companies face more challenges than similar businesses operating in other industries. They have to meet tight delivery deadlines. Also, they have to be able to prepare and ship last minute orders. But they also must comply with some of the strictest hygiene and temperature control standards. This is where packaging specialists step in to help pharma distributors meet all these challenges with confidence, by using plastic pallets and pallet collars.

Packaging Errors Can Compromise an Entire Batch of Products

Accidents may be tolerable in other fields, as they have limited consequences and losses. But absolutely no error can occur while packing and shipping pharma products. The wrong temperature, the wrong packaging, an accident leading to spillage – any such issue will condemn the entire batch of products.

This translates in huge losses for pharma distributors. In general, the most sensitive products, such as vaccines and other injectable treatments, are also the most expensive.  What pharma distributors need is reliable packaging that meets several conditions concomitantly:

  • High loading capacity for shipping large orders
  • Exceptional protection for the products stored inside
  • Adequate for use in the cold chain – resistance to low temperatures
  • Perfect sanitizing after a complete cleaning cycle
  • Space saving design features to reduce transportation costs.

Plastic Pallets and Pallet Collars Meet the Requirements of the Pharma Industry

At this point, the packaging experts at Logistic Packaging wish to introduce the solution that meets all these requirements – the packaging unit consisting of:

  • Plastic pallets
  • Pallet collars
  • Pallet lid (optional choice).

Here are out arguments in favor of this recommendation:

1. Hygienic Plastic Pallets Are Designed for the Pharma Industry

Pharma distributors can pick a packaging solution specially designed to meet the hygiene standards of their industry. Cleanroom pallets have a simplified design compared to any other models. This means that dirt and liquid spills cannot accumulate in various corners and angles. A simple wash cycle is sufficient to make the pallet hygienic and safe to use for another shipping of pharma products.

Moreover, the hygienic/cleanroom pallets are made from materials resistant to:

  • Humidity
  • Solvents
  • Chemicals
  • Odors.

2. Plastic Collars Help Create a Customized Packaging Unit

In our experience, finding the right container or box for packing an order represents one of the biggest sources of lost time in warehouses. Workers know the rules: pack as many products in as few boxes as possible.

But this can prove challenging, especially with many items of various sizes, as is the case for the primary packaging of pharma products. This is why pallet collars are true game changers. A worker starts with a pallet and keeps building up the packaging unit in height by adding pallet collars. As long as they do not exceed the loading capacity of the plastic pallet, they can make the packing unit as low or as high as they want.

3. Plastic Pallets and Pallet Collars Save Space on the Return Journey

Once the pharma products are safely delivered, the pallet collars can be removed and folded. The entire packing unit reduces its volume by 80%, which means a much lower transportation fee for the empty packages.

The same space saving benefit is valid for the pharma distribution hub, where storage space is premium real estate. The unused packaging will take up very little space compared to other packaging materials.

4. Plastic Packaging Is Sturdy and Reliable

Plastic packaging materials undergo several tests before they are put on the market. The dropping test is just one of them and indicates how well a packaging solution protects the products inside if it is accidentally dropped.

Only products that pass all tests appear in our catalog. You can be assured that your pharma products will enjoy the best level of protection, even during a rough journey.

5. Plastic Pallets and Pallet Collars Can Be Used in the Cold Chain

Finally, you always know if a packaging solution you order is adequate for your needs. Each product in our catalog is accompanied by critical information, such as dimensions, loading capacity and temperature resistance.

Plastic pallets and pallet collars have a temperature resistance between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius, making them a perfect choice for pharma distributors.

If you need assistance with the selection of the right plastic pallets and pallet collars for your pharma distribution company, the Logistic Packaging experts are ready to help you. Send us an email and schedule a discussion with one of our packaging specialists!