plastic pallets with anti-slip coating

Case Study: Plastic Pallets with Anti-Slip Coating Reduce Damage in Pharma Company Operations

Pharma products are extremely sensitive and valuable. Each vial or bottle is the result of tireless work by thousands of researchers and can save lives. This is why the handling of pharma products is one of the most important aspects in the supply chain of this industry. In this case study, the Logistic Packaging Team will showcase the benefits of plastic pallets with anti-slip coating for pharma companies.

The Problem: Handling Operations Result in Significant Damage

The logistics manager of our client, a significant player on the East European pharma market, contacted our packaging specialists asking for help with an ongoing problem. The company has automated most of its production and material handling operations to reduce manual labor and the risk of accidental contamination. Most of the production, packaging and material handling operations are literally no touch.

The problem is that, with worrying regularity, loads slip and fall off pallets on conveyor belts or while they are being sent to the warehouse, ready for distribution. Thus, many of the benefits of implementing the automated systems were lost due to the constant rate of damage to product. The operations manager and the tech team had tried changing the settings to the handling system, making it run a bit slower and more smoothly, but with little success.

Logistic Packaging Specialists Evaluate the Client’s Problem

Our packaging experts conducted a virtual tour of the client’s facilities, focusing on the automated handling systems and the packaging solutions. Our specialists noted that the client was using cleanroom pallets with a smooth surface.

And this is exactly the problem – the smooth surface, offering little to no grip to the products placed on them. In the absence of other load securing accessories, the boxes loaded with valuable medicines were subject to free fall whenever the pallet was not in a perfectly horizontal position.

The Solution: Plastic Pallets with Anti-Slip Coating

After evaluating various options, the Logistic Packaging team came with a solution: plastic pallets with anti-slip coating. We considered the following benefits of this packaging solution:

  • The anti-slip coating is firmly pressed in the deck
  • The pallet is designed to carry heavy loads
  • The simple design is compatible with hygienic/ cleanroom requirements
  • The pallet has skids, allowing handling by various automated handling machines
  • The pallet can be used in cold rooms (temperature tolerance between -30 °C and +60 °C).

At the same time, the plastic pallets with anti-slip coating have a standard footprint, just like the pallets the client used before contacting us. We prepared a video demonstration of the pallets and proved our case: the anti-slip coating offers a good grip and loaded products do not fall off it during regular handling.

The Client’s Feedback after Implementation

The pharma company accepted to implement the plastic pallets with anti-slip coating. They proved to be perfectly compatible with their automated conveyor and handling systems. No glitches or slow-downs were noted during the observation period.

However, the client was happy to report a significant decrease in the accidents resulting in damaged products. The loaded pallets are more stable during the entire process, from the production facility to the cold room.

As a result, the client ordered a larger batch of plastic pallets with anti-slip coating, while deciding how to repurpose the pallets previously used in the production process.


Professional packaging is effective when it is used adequately. The client was using reliable cleanroom plastic pallets, but they were not the right choice for the automated handling system they implemented.

The Logistic Packaging team helped the client solve their problem and find a new use for their cleanroom pallets. With the help of plastic pallets with anti-slip surface, the pharma company could limit the amount of damaged products and improve their overall margin.

We are ready to help your company identify the right type of reusable packaging materials for your products and operations. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call with the Logistic Packaging experts to discuss your application!