plastic crates for vegetables

Plastic Crates for Vegetables Help Automate Fresh Produce Delivery

Spring brings the promise of fair weather and an abundance of delicious and fresh produce, from leafy greens to baby potatoes. All these products of the fertile soil and hard working farmers need to reach store aisles as soon as possible; otherwise they lose their freshness and nutritious properties. Thanks to plastic crates for vegetables, it is possible to automate fresh produce delivery and save significant time from farm to store.

Automation Is No Longer Just an Option for the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Why automation? Can’t companies follow the traditional supply chain and get fresh vegetables and legumes to the store in the same way as it was done for generations? Unfortunately, holding on to the good old days is not economically feasible.

Fruit and vegetables no longer come from the small farm a few kilometers away. Many farm products come from across the country, or even from a different country. And when we are talking about delicacies, such as baby potatoes or fresh salad, time and the adequate climate conditions during storage and shipping are essential.

Thus, automation is the only option if your company wants to remain a reliable link between agribusinesses and retail stores.

What Are the Challenges of Automating Fresh Produce Delivery?

Using various logistic machines and equipment, such as pallet trucks, conveyor belts and towing trucks is highly problematic for delicate products. If the packaging materials are not sturdy enough, they can crack or break down during handling, causing serious damages to the fresh produce inside.

Moreover, fresh produce tends to “sweat” liquid.  In fresh produce warehouses, it is not unheard of to have humidity levels as high as 80%. This means that any type of old packaging material, made of wood or corrugated cardboard, would absorb humidity, becoming unreliable and unsafe.

How Plastic Crates for Vegetables Solve the Issue

These are the premises – the situation and its challenges. It is time to introduce the solution to supply chain automation for fresh produce delivery: plastic crates for vegetables.

Here are some of the most important reasons why this type of professional packaging solution is the ideal choice:

1. Plastic Crates for Vegetables Can Be Used on Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are designed to move smoothly and at an even speed. However, you need to use containers and crates with a flat base, which sits firmly on the belt, in order to speed up order picking and delivery.

The plastic crates for vegetables have a design inspired by the need to use automation equipment. Their base is ideal both for use on conveyor belts and for creating stable stacks, which do not topple during transportation.

2. The Crates Do Not Absorb Liquids

Plastic crates for vegetables are made of virgin polypropylene – a modern and reliable material that resists to various types of spillages (chemicals, oils) and does not absorb liquids of any kind.

This is the most advanced type of packaging material, approved for food contact and for use in hygienic/cleanroom environments. No chemicals are being leaked and transferred onto the fresh produce stored inside.

3. The Plastic Crates for Vegetables Ensure Proper Ventilation

Professional packaging producers like Logistic Packaging understand the need to keep agricultural produce properly ventilated to maintain their freshness. For this reason, we designed our plastic crates for vegetables with perforated bottom and sides.

These perforations have two benefits:

  • They allow a proper air flow through the crate
  • Excess moisture is easily drained.

4. The Crates Have an Ergonomic Design for Manual Handling

At a point, the loaded crates need to be handled by store employees – to arrange them in the backroom and to take them to the aisles. We considered the need to handle these crates safely and quickly, and we added open handles on the short sides, which facilitate ergonomic handling.

No detail was left to chance in designing and manufacturing these crates, because we believe in providing our clients with top quality in every product in our catalog.

5. The Crates Have a Long Lifespan

Finally, plastic crates for vegetables are a smart choice for companies that are looking for ways to save money. With high resistance to intense use, these professional packaging solutions have a low total cost of ownership and offer years of reliable use.

You do not have to replace your batch of crates on a regular basis; instead, you can use your budget for strategic investments in growing your business.

At Logistic Packaging, you benefit from the expert assistance of a dedicated team of specialists. Our mission is to help you find the best packaging materials for your products and help you optimize your logistic processes. Send us an email to discuss your packaging application with us!