nestable containers with lids

Pharma Distributor Chooses Nestable Containers with Lids, Speeds Up Internal Logistic Operations

The importance of using adequate packaging materials, such as nestable containers with lids, is visible when companies try to implement modern, automated logistic equipment. Older and unreliable packaging materials do not work well with modern technology and companies are not able to get the most out of the equipment they purchased.

Such was the case of a pharmaceutical distributor operating locally in Romania. The company holds 70% of the market share in its area of operations, but recent surveys and audits indicates a potential drop from this dominant position. To counteract this outcome, the management decided to implement an automated picking system in the warehouses. Several months after implementing this technology, no change was apparent.

At this point, the company decided to contact the packaging experts of Logistic Packaging for a second opinion.

Smart Picking Solution, Outdated Packaging Materials

The logistic consultants arrived at the customer’s premises and were impressed with the picking system with conveyor belt implemented by the pharmaceutical distributor. Since medicines were stored by type on shelves, the system was able to move fast and prepare orders for the drug stores supplied by the distributor.

However, every once in a while, the system had to be paused in order to replace a broken crate or reposition it before it fell off the conveyor belt. At the same time, a part of the packaging operations still had to be done manually, due to the fact that the some of the crates, which were made of wood, could not be fitted with a RFID label readable by the picking system.

After completing the tour of the warehouse, the packaging specialists had understood the core of the customer’s problem: the packaging materials were not adequate for use with the automated system.

Nestable Containers with Lids – The Ideal Pick for the Customer

After receiving the technical details and measurements for the shelving system and order picking equipment, the team from Logistic Packaging had a solution ready: nestable containers with lids.

These plastic containers are a standard packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry, because they offer extra protection to the products. Also, the lid can be fitted with RFID chip for tracking or with an anti-tampering seal. The benefits of this product do not stop here. When they are not used, the nestable containers with lids can be stored in a space saving manner, reducing their volume significantly.

Our Arguments in Making the Recommendation

The nestable containers with lids were a perfect fit for the shelving system, allowing the pharma distributor to make better use of the storage space. At the same time, the containers have a smooth, flat bottom which gives them great stability on the conveyor belt. Once the order is complete, the warehouse workers only have to attach the lid and send the container for shipping to the truck loading area.

The customer listened to our arguments and agreed to replace their existing packaging materials with nestable containers with lids.

A Few Months Later

We got in touch with the pharma distributor for our regular post-sale assistance for customers. The nestable containers with lids had proven to be just what the customer needed. The picking system now works smoothly, to its full capacity.

Thanks to the fact that the new packaging materials take up less storage space, the customer was even able to double its picking area and now looks forward to growing their market share above the best prognosis. They are very happy with their choice and their customers are also satisfied with the new packaging for the products they ordered.

It is truly impressive what a huge change the nestable containers with lids made for this customer and for many others.