pallet collars with products loaded onto the pallet

Case Study: Pallet Collars Help Delivery Company Keep Up with Holiday Orders

This holiday season was like no other for everyone. With global lockdowns still active, most people could not travel to winter resorts or visit their families. Instead, they purchased even more gifts than usual in compensation. This represented an immense pressure on the supply chain, especially on delivery companies. In this case study, we will show how one such company managed to keep a constant flow of deliveries thanks to pallet collars.

The Key Problem for Delivery Companies during the Holiday Sales Season: Adjusting Capacity

Every year, delivery companies have to adapt and increase their capacity to process orders during the winter sales season. This is the moment when many companies hire temp staff for warehouses and processing hubs. But extra workforce is not enough. These companies also need an extra stock of packaging materials for the products they have to deliver.

Returnable packaging solutions are designed to offer delivery companies a range of benefits, such as:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Long lifespan
  • Resistance to intense use
  • Frequent use cycles thanks to the ease of cleaning and maintaining them.

Our Client’s Challenge

The logistic manager of a large delivery company contacted us asking for a specific solution. They already had purchased a large lot of plastic pallets and were not prepared to make a significant investment in shipping and distribution containers.

However, they needed a flexible and reliable packaging solution for the increased number of orders they were receiving, Grouping packages is especially difficult as packages contain both small gifts or electronic devices (smartphones, smartwatches) and large home appliances.

The Logistic Packaging Experts Analyze the Situation

From the very beginning, we understood that the client wanted to make the best possible use of the brand new lot of plastic pallets. We had to find a solution that excluded the purchase of shipping totes and other boxes.

The solution came naturally to our packaging experts: pallet collars. With these stacking accessories for plastic pallets, warehouse employees can build up packaging containers that fit the volume of products to be shipped.

Benefits of Using Pallet Collars for Order Shipping

Plastic pallet collars are compatible with the most popular pallet footprints: EURO and ISO. They are very easy to attach to the pallet and then build up a packaging unit that will offer adequate protection to the products inside. Also, when they are not in use, pallet collars can be folded to save storage space.

We also offer pallet collars made of aluminum for extra protection and endurance. Thus, whatever items the client could ship, they could be certain that the products would arrive in good condition at the destination.

Our Client Accepts the Recommendation for Pallet Collars

The delivery company agreed that plastic pallet collars are the best solution for expanding their packaging capacity during the sales season. The warehouse staff will be able to build up a container that fits the products. Thus, the delivery company would maximize the use of trailer space and optimize their operational costs.

At the same time, the client chose to buy pallet covers, topping the packaging unit and making it more sturdy and stable in stack, while protecting the products inside from rain, dust and other contaminants.

First Results after Implementation

The client is currently still shipping holiday orders and happily announces that their daily capacity has significantly increased. The employees find the pallet collars easy to place on pallets and say that this is a better option than containers.

They can build up the packaging unit on the go and stop as soon as they placed the last package. Thus, they do not have to waste time looking for a suitable container for each order. By the next holiday sale season, they will be fully trained to handle a large volume of orders efficiently.

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