pallet collars

Pallet Collars – a Flexible and Efficient Choice in Packaging

Pallet collars are the logistic and packaging industry response to modular warehousing and storage solutions. Their role is to offer companies with a fluctuating supply flow a flexible packaging solution, ready-made, easy to assemble and capable of creating sturdy, custom-sized pallet boxes in a few minutes.

The main question here is whether pallet collars are truly an efficient replacement of traditional pallet boxes. After all, they are available in a wide range of loading capacities, some models are foldable or with a front flap door for easy access. Why would my company purchase pallet collars and lids, as well, to apply on our pallets?

A Question of Speed

For many companies, orders come in a continuous flow and they need to be ready to be shipped within the hour. In the fast paced world of the distribution industry and central warehouses, every minute is crucial. It may make the difference between an order arriving on time, to the customer’s satisfaction, or a delayed order, causing financial and production loss for the end customer.

How do pallet collars speed up the process of preparing an order? Since there are no 2 similar orders, with the same type and quantity of products, for each of them the weight and volume have to be calculated precisely. Then the employees must find the right size of pallet box in the warehouse. Finally, due to the particular shape of the packages and arrangement inside the pallet box, this may be found too big or too small for the order. Thus, more than half an hour can be lost until the products are properly packed and ready to go.

With the pallet collars, the employees simply start stacking the products and adding collar on the go, until the order is ready. A lid is applied on top and the order is ready to be placed in the trailer.

Need More Space? Choose Pallet Collars!

Even when they are folded down, pallet boxes still take up more space than pallet collars. Their small size and different folding options (M-shape or Z-shape) allows them to be arranged in such a way that they take up very little space in the warehouse when they are not needed.

Simplicity and Ease of Use Equal Less Labor Costs

The pallet collars are a tribute to simplicity in form and use. They can be set up, dismantled and folded by one person within minutes. The simple design belies the sturdiness of these pallet accessories. Once they are properly fixed in place, they create a solid packaging unit which can withstand the regular difficulties of transport, handling and storage.

Due to their ease of use, you can distribute your labor force more efficiently, thus reducing the overheads for preparing order for your customers. One employee is sufficient to set up the pallet box made of pallet collars.

Cost Efficiency to the Highest Degree

Pallet collars are an inexpensive and affordable option to large and rigid pallet boxes. If your company does not need the extra protection offered by traditional pallet boxes for heavy and expensive products, pallet collars are the cost efficient alternative you can rely on. Even when one of them gets damaged after long and intense use, it is much cheaper to buy a new pallet collar than to repair or replace an entire pallet box.

In the end, what truly matters is to send your products to your customers on time, safely and with minimum costs. With pallet collars your company can do that in the most flexible and efficient manner.