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Packaging Statistics for the Year 2016

As we prepare to conclude the first quarter of 2017, it is time to look back at the packaging statistics for last year. It has been a year with momentous events, such as the bankruptcy of one of the greatest shipping companies. But it has also been a year of innovation and prosperity for professional packaging companies.

Global Packaging In Numbers

The numbers indicate that international trade has been thriving, encouraged by the development of modern payment technologies, such as mobile payment, and even Facebook Pay. As consumer purchases increased, so did the demand for professional packing solutions.

Overall, the packaging global market generated a turnover of USD 424 billion. The leading markets according to packaging statistics are:

  • Europe – USD 127 billion
  • North America – USD 118 billion
  • Asia – USD 114 billion
  • Latin America – USD 30 billion

These numbers indicate that the Asian market has shifted its position, from cheap labor market and top manufacturer and shipper to active consumer. What does it mean for the packaging industry? There is an increasing demand for professional packaging materials in new markets and there are exciting growth opportunities both for new companies and for established producers.

For Logistic Packaging, these numbers are not totally surprising: we have already experienced a shift in demand for our products, besides our traditional customers from European countries. The automotive and distribution industries are now relocating and exploring new manufacturing opportunities, and our products are needed in each of these new locations.

Packaging Statistics by Industry

There is no question about it, the most in-demand products across the world are foods and beverages of all kinds. With a growing population approaching 7 billion, the planet’s food resources are in constant transit, between the point of origin, processing factories and supermarkets for the consumers to purchase them.

Speaking in percentages, the packaging statistics for each industry look as following:

  • Food & beverages – 56%
  • Pharmaceutical products – 5%
  • Cosmetics – 3%
  • Others (including automotive) – 36%

The pharmaceutical industry takes the second place in these statistics and there are no surprises here. This industry has shown vigorous signs of growth throughout the past year and is on a continual growing path. The demand for over the counter medication, homeopathic and alternative cures is greater than ever on all continents.

This means that professional companies like Logistic Packaging need to continue their research and development work for specialized containers, totes and picking boxes for pharmaceutical products. These specialized packaging materials need to comply with the strictest standards concerning hygiene, safety and anti-tampering protection during transport and storage.

A Look at the Materials Used in Packaging

We are passionate promoters of plastic packaging – a modern, reliable and recyclable material. Unfortunately, packaging statistics indicate that many companies continue to ship their products in unreliable boxes made of paper and cardboard.

However, we are happy to note that wood is absent from the statistics below, which means that wooden pallets have been replaced in a significant percentage by plastic pallets:

  • Paper – 36%
  • Plastic – 34%
  • Metal – 17%
  • Glass – 10%
  • Others – 3%

All these aggregated packaging statistics indicate one significant trend: professional packaging materials are more and more in demand. Also, logistic managers all over the world are becoming increasingly aware that reliable and modern packaging solutions are an intrinsic part to success in business.

These statistics help us understand the world we operate in and indicate the trends we need to keep in mind in order to be ready to serve our customers according to their demands. We are looking forward to sharing these year’s packaging statistics at the due moment and confirming the development directions forecast by the ones for 2016.