nestable plastic pallets

Nestable Plastic Pallets – the Stars of the Holiday Sales Season

As the winter holidays approach, all retail store employees are bracing themselves for the surge of shoppers and increased demands for products they can offer as gifts. After years of experience, most store managers and logistics specialists have identified the must-have packaging solution to help them move merchandize from warehouse to backroom to store aisle faster: nestable plastic pallets.

The Festive Season – a Test for the Resilience of Last Mile Logistics

Many companies have their eyes on the big picture when it comes to their supply chain. Yet, as Logistic Packaging experts have proven on several occasions, it is the little weak link that can break the entire chain.

Last mile logistics is this link when it comes to supplying stores during the holiday sales season. This is where things can go wrong for various reasons:

  • Delays in order preparation
  • Accidents during loading and unloading
  • Insufficient backroom space to store all incoming merchandize
  • Difficulties in replenishing aisles constantly.

This is why many companies do not reach their sales targets, despite running effective marketing campaigns. They promise – but due to inadequate logistics, they cannot deliver all the promises.

And one big part of the solution to these problems and winning the holiday logistics stress test is packaging, more exactly nestable plastic pallets.

How Nestable Plastic Pallets Help Retail Store during the Holiday Sales Season

Plastic pallets are the gold standard for packing and shipping goods worldwide. They are in use in every industry and at every point in the supply chain. During sales seasons, nestable plastic pallets help stores keep all their customers happy by refilling aisles with all the products they want.

Here are some key benefits of using nestable plastic pallets for store replenishment:

1. A Safe and Efficient Solution for Moving Merchandize Quickly

Nestable plastic pallets are designed for intense use during the loading, shipping and unloading process. They are stable in stack and can be handled with automatic machines – forklifts and pallet trucks.

Topped with pallet lids and secured with straps, nestable plastic pallets form a stable and secure packing unit. Once the goods arrive in the store backroom, the employees can easily remove the lid and the straps.

2. Nestable Plastic Pallets Are Convenient to Use

After the implementation of plastic pallets in logistic processes, all our clients report an improvement in the time needed to move goods from one place to another. Employees are no longer worried about the risk of breakage or getting injured in splinters (a constant issue when using wooden pallets).

Also, nestable plastic pallets are easy to clean and sanitize, allowing cleaning crews to return them faster for a new usage cycle.

3. Nestable Plastic Pallets Help Save Space in All Storage Areas

Our company understands the value of storage space, especially during the holiday sales season. For this reason, we recommend nestable plastic pallets. They can form a very compact stack when they are not in use, allowing store employees to free up space in the backroom.

This is extremely important in all storage facilities, as the demand for goods increases constantly and warehouses have to find ways to store more goods in the same available space.

4. Plastic Pallets Can Be Displayed in Store

There is no need to unload products from nestable plastic pallets. Your employees can bring them directly into the store and display them on aisles. Plastic pallets have a professional look and can be used as store display stands. This also means less handling and reduced risks of accidents resulting in product damage.

5. Nestable Plastic Pallets Are a Sustainable Choice

Plastic pallets help save resources and reduce waste. These are important factors for all companies. On one hand, reducing wastes means reducing costs. On the other hand, this responsible choice is very important for improving their brand image and attracting environmentally conscious shoppers.

The team of experts at Logistic Packaging is ready to help your store prepare for the holiday sales season with professional packaging solutions, including nestable plastic pallets. Send us an email to initiate a discussion with a packaging expert!