metallic bins

Machine Parts Manufacturer Reduces Logistic Costs and Losses Thanks to Sturdy Metallic Bins

Sometimes plastic is not the right answer for the storage and transport of heavy and small sized products, and metallic bins are the ideal choice instead. Manufacturing plants are among the key companies which benefit from this range of professional packages, because they have a continuous flow of orders and need to clear their stocks before they pile up and take up too much space.

Tackling a Heavy Duty Problem

When our logistic consultants were approached by the manager of a manufacturing plant supplying spare parts for industrial machines, the task seemed rather simple: they needed to replenish their stock of transport and storage bins. However, upon in-depth inquiries, our experts found out that the client had one key complaint: all the packages they had used up to the present were damaged and needed repairs or replacement in a short time.

Given the fact that the client had previously purchased their packages from a packaging company of good reputation, our consultants were intrigued and wanted to know more about the client’s activities and logistic operations in order to determine why their previous packages had such a short span of useful life.

It was obvious from the first visit at the customer’s premises that they had been using the wrong type of packages all along: they manufactured heavy, though small sized, metallic parts and stored them into plastic open front bins and trays. Also, given the limitations of plastic, they had to wait until the parts cooled down before packaging them. This meant that a lot of valuable space in the manufacturing facility was taken up by stocks of products waiting to be packed and shipped to customers.

Packaging Experts Share Their Views

After completing their tour of the manufacturing facilities, the team from Logistic Packaging had a few key observations to make to the client:

  • They were losing a lot of money by continuing to invest in packaging materials which were not adequate for their products
  • Keeping stocks of products for cooling down in the factory could lead to a blockage of the activities
  • Delaying the moment of shipping the products, combined with other logistic glitches and unexpected situations could lead to mistakes in customers’ orders or belated deliveries.

The parts manufacturer needed a completely new logistic strategy and range of packaging materials, and our experts had the necessary answer: metallic stackable boxes.

Metallic Bins – the Perfect Fit for the Customer’s Needs

The logistic experts agreed that the open front bin design was adequate for packing and shipping the customer’s products, but made from steel sheet. They recommended a steel transport container among our range of metallic trays and bins, which offers a series of benefits which solve our customer’s problems:

  • High mechanical load capacity;
  • Recommended for the transport of sensitive but heavy items;
  • Resistant to heat;
  • Designed with rolled rims, which improve stability in stack;
  • Semi-open front allowing easy loading/ unloading and inspection of the products.

Apart from these key features, the metallic bins for transport can be fitted with a series of useful accessories:

  • Locking lids
  • Vertical and horizontal separators
  • Insert boxes
  • Dust flaps

The easy customization and division of the interior space allows these metallic bins to be used for packing different types of products without mixing them. This is very useful for orders which contain smaller quantities of different items which, otherwise, should have been packed each in a separate bin.

The Customer’s Feedback

During the first post-purchase discussion with the client, we were happy to note a significant improvement in their logistic operations and costs. They are now able to pack items as soon as they are taken out of the oven and ship orders faster. The space taken up by cooling products allowed the customer to reorganize the production facility by adding several work benches and washing stations for the employees. But above all, the customer can stop making provisions in their budget for further repair works and purchases of packaging materials, because the metallic bins will continue to serve them for a long time to come.