A Look Back at 2017 and New Year Resolutions for the Logistic Packaging Team

We are ready to say goodbye to 2017 and this is the right moment to take a look at what we have achieved and how we managed to be of service for our customers. All in all, we feel that we have been consistent in putting into practice our mission statement: to be a one-stop-shop for professional packaging materials and smart logistics solutions.

Our Customers – Our Source of Inspiration

What we really take pride in, at Logistic Packaging, is listening carefully to our clients’ demands and trying to understand their needs and pain points. Professionalism does not mean only providing high quality products. It also means, being able to understand the market trends and the direction towards which the industries we serve are heading.

One of the key findings in 2017 was that the standard approach to packaging solutions is no longer adequate. Each company has its own vision in creating innovative and useful products. For example, as we have shared in a recent news article, the electronics market is undergoing a strong trend toward the miniaturization of its products.

The insights we gained from monitoring the markets we operate in helped us make a strategic decision in launching two new ranges of products:

Non-Euro Boxes and Containers

EURO containers and stack-nest boxes are very useful in many industries: manufacturing, distribution, automotive, food, textiles, etc. These professional packaging materials have a solid build, are stackable or nestable to save storage space and have become a standard product in warehouses and production facilities. However, standard footprints are no longer sufficient to satisfy all needs.

This is why Logistic Packaging has decided to launch a standard range of non-standard sized containers and boxes with footprints such as: 500 x 200 mm, 600 x 200 mm 600 x 500 mm and 700 x 500 mm. These packaging solutions offer all the benefits and features of their standard counterparts, but have atypical footprints to satisfy various applications.

Metallic Open Front Bins

Storage bins and trays are in great demand in production facilities where workers need to have access to various small parts. These bins have a specific design for integration in shelf systems and offer easy access to the contents.

So far, the storage and distribution bins were available only in the plastic version. However, our clients also needed a sturdier packaging solution, for heavy small parts, including metallic products freshly out of the foundry.

We found a solution for these demands: open front storage bins made of steel sheet, with heavy mechanical load and special coatings to protect them from rusting. The bins are available in a wide range of sizes and can be customized with various optional accessories, such as: lids, length and width dividers, insert boxes, and transparent dust flaps.

Looking Ahead to 2018

We are proud of our achievements in 2017, but we are also excited to look ahead and share our New Year resolutions for 2018. The Logistic Packaging team has already established two key goals for the next year. These are:

A New Production Facility in Romania

We want to be able to serve all the customers who contact us, especially those who need special customized packaging materials. These products usually take more time to manufacture and deliver than standard packaging. For this reason, we have decided to open a new production facility in Romania which will focus exclusively on producing customized packaging materials.

Thus, we plan to reduce significantly the time our customers have to wait before they receive their order, created according to their exact specifications and made from top quality materials.

Expanding the Logistic Packaging Brand Towards New Markets

Our team is constantly looking for business opportunities and ways to serve more customers from across Europe and emerging markets. We are open to partnerships and concluding agreements with other companies which want to become official distributors for Logistic Packaging products and we will continue this open door policy in 2018, as well.

Finally, we want to send our warm season’s greetings for all our customers, business partners, and readers.

Happy Holidays!


Happy New Year!