logistics and packaging events in 2021

Logistics and Packaging Events in 2021 You May Be Interested In

After arguably the worst year in our entire lives, we are slowly building a new normal – where vaccinated people can travel, return to their offices and attend professional events and consumer trade fairs. As logistics experts, we are happy to inform you of the most interesting logistics and packaging events in 2021, which will be hosted in person, and not online.

Why Do We Care about Logistics and Packaging Events in 2021?

In the previous years, we thought it would be useful to let our customers and readers know about industry events. This year, this article has a more special meaning to us. It is like the first spring flower, announcing better days to come.

And it is a celebration of the resilience of everyone involved in the packaging industry, from R&D teams to sales agents, who learned new ways of working while staying safe and protecting their families and friends.

Now, we can meet again, exchange information and knowledge, establish new partnership and rebuild our businesses. This is what the reopening of professional events in the logistics and packaging sector truly means for all of us.

Our List of Recommendations

Given our involvement in business across the EU territory, we selected only logistics and packaging events taking place in Europe.

1. The Global Plastics Industry Seminar Europe

Period: September 09, 2021

Organizer: Applied Market Information

Venue: Hotel Petrarca, Montegrotto Terme, Italy

This highly specialized event is addressed to players in the plastic packaging industry. The one-day event will cover:

  • Perspectives on the future of industry at global level
  • Regional trends in the plastic packaging industry
  • The correlation between plastic packaging and industries that rely on them.

Participants will be encouraged to discuss and share their own insights, while gaining access to carefully researched and collected statistical data.

For more detailed information on the event agenda and registration, follow this link.

2. Packaging Innovations 2021

Period: September 15-16, 2021

Organizer: Targi w Krakowie

Venue: Warszawskie Centrum EXPO Xxi, Warsaw, Poland

This is one of the logistics and packaging events in 2021 we are most interested in. While working from home disrupted the usual R&D efforts, they did not cease. The packaging industry has come up with new technologies, new products and solutions that companies need to store and ship their goods in a safe, economic and space saving manner.

The trade fair will have specialized sections for:

  • General purpose packaging
  • Labeling
  • Packaging for ecommerce
  • Packaging machines
  • Luxury packaging
  • Ecological packages.

Most of the attendants are decision makers in companies that need returnable plastic packaging solutions, so this is a huge opportunity to network and form partnerships.

Find more about Packaging Innovations 2021 at this link.

3. Plastics Extrusion World Expo 2021

Period: September 29-30, 2021

Organizer: Applied Market Information

Venue: Messe Essen, Essen, Germany

This event brings together top companies in the plastics extrusion industry. The 2-day event features a generous exhibition area, product demonstrations, networking opportunities and keynote presentations by industry leaders.

We believe that this is a great opportunity to reconnect with the key players in the industry and discover innovations – many created in the US and presented in Europe for the first time at this event.

The visitors’ participation is free, so you can go ahead and book your ticket here.

4. Taropak

Period: October 4-6, 2021

Organizer: MTP Grupa

Venue: Poznan Congress Center, Poznan, Poland

Poland will be home to two key logistics and packaging events in 2021. Taropak will focus on the latest technologies that reinvent and improve our industry: smart machines and robots, specialized packaging for ecommerce.

However, you will also have the opportunity to discover new raw materials for plastic packaging, labeling and logistics solutions. The organizers will also showcase packaging projects which won various awards in competitions for innovative and sustainable solutions.

You can reserve your ticket here (prices are presented in Polish currency).

5. Pharmapak Europe 2021

Period: October 13-14, 2021

Organizer: Informa Markets

Venue: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

If 2020 taught us anything, it is how important pharmaceutical products are in our world. As packaging and logistics specialists, we understood the importance of providing pharma companies with safe and reliable packaging solutions.

Now, after being forced to adapt and innovate, we are looking at the latest developments in pharmaceutical packaging. This last entry on our list of logistics and packaging events in 2021 will have a hybrid format: you can attend in person, or watch the demonstrations and keynote presentations online.

At the present, you may register to receive more news when tickets are available at this link.

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