special sized containers

New from Logistic Packaging: Special Sized Containers for Specific Packaging Challenges

Meeting with a potential new client is always an exciting challenge for any logistics professional, until they hear the words special sized containers or specific product characteristics. Usually, this means a complex and expensive customized project and it is difficult to negotiate prices, leaving the customer wondering whether they do receive a fair offer.

However, since more and more packaging projects involve special sized containers, crates and totes, Logistic Packaging has taken a bold move: we decided to stop treating these products as customized solutions and to offer them in our standard range of products, instead.

Putting Our Customers First, Not Just In Words

The main motto of Logistic Packaging is that customers are at the core of our business values. We have always promoted and claimed this and this decision of adding atypical sized products to our standard range is the way in which we enact this motto. Over the time, working with various customers, we have gathered sufficient data to understand what types of products they need.

When it comes to special sized containers, most customers wanted to be able to make the best use of storage and trailer space. However, standard footprint containers were either too large or too small for their products. Since they could not compromise the safety of the merchandize, these clients had to purchase oversized containers and pack several supplementary protection layers with the product. In the end, their shipment was heavier and more expensive than it should have been.

Top Benefits of Special Sized Containers

Special sized containers have the same basic features and benefits as standard EURO and ISO sized containers. They are made of sturdy, high quality materials and designed with space saving features such as foldable walls or bale arms for stacking.

However, their atypical footprint was calculated to fit a series of specific sized products from a variety of industries: automotive, distribution, manufacturing, retails, food and agriculture. In the calculation of the special sizes for length, width and height, we combined all our prior challenging projects, where standard sized packaging materials were not adequate.

Thus, we have come up with a series of standard products with specific sizes, which can replace expensive customized solutions. In this way, your company can save both time and money in selecting and implementing the packaging materials which truly fit your needs. Among the special footprint sizes you can find in this range of products, we specify: 500 x 200 mm, 600 x 200 mm 600 x 500 mm and 700 x 500 mm.

You will soon find these new special sized containers in the brand new Standard Products categories: Non-Euro Boxes, Non-Euro Stackable Containers and Bread and Bakery Crates.