lean manufacturing packaging helps companies plan production smartly

Lean Manufacturing Packaging – Moving Goods Faster and Safer

Lean manufacturing is the most recent philosophy for companies that want to adapt and stay successful in uncertain economic conditions. Every aspect of this new system of producing goods must be honed to perfection. Every step in the process must happen smoothly and without delays or blockages. Logistic Packaging helps companies create and maintain this process going with reliable lean manufacturing packaging, such as adaptor pallets and roll cages.

The Five Principles of Lean Manufacturing

To understand the importance of adequate packaging, let us start by defining the five principles of lean manufacturing. They are:

1. Define Value

Companies must first understand what products the customers need and how much they are willing to pay for them. Thus, manufacturers must create the idea cost/benefit ratio and select the must-have features, eliminating those which clients do not perceive as valuable and worth their money.

2. Map the Value Stream

Essentially, this means mapping the entire workflow of the company, starting with ordering raw materials and ending with the shipment of finished goods to retailers or end customers.

During this phase, managers must find ways to streamline their operations, by eliminating unnecessary processes and steps. Implementing lean manufacturing packaging plays a key role in this step, because it can help reduce unnecessary material handling and loading/unloading operations.

3. Create Continuous Workflow

All the processes within the manufacturing operation must run smoothly, without glitches. By implementing Kanban systems and other lean principles, companies can minimize downtimes and reduce waste and overheads.

4. Establish Pull

Compared to older production processes, lean manufacturing uses a pull-based system in order to reduce inventory and work-in-progress (WIP) items. This means that the production process starts with the orders placed by clients. The quantity and frequency of these orders determine raw materials supply and actual production of items.

This principle is also found in the Just In Time (JIT) production flow in the automotive industry.

5. Pursue Perfection

The last principle is one which all companies should embrace. Continuous research and development (R&D) must remain a constant priority for all companies. For Logistic Packaging, this means searching for modern materials, technologies and packaging designs to meet our clients’ demands and the most recent industry trends

How Lean Manufacturing Packaging Helps Companies Achieve Success

The five principles of lean manufacturing are interconnected. Thus, adequate packaging is essential for the effective implementation of lean principles. Let us present two of the key packaging solutions recommended for lean manufacturing:

Adaptor Pallets

One of the most effective lean manufacturing packaging solutions is the adaptor pallet. This innovative product allows the simple and easy transport of warehousing dollies. Without this system, a worker would manually unload the VDA-KLT containers or storage boxes from the dolly onto a pallet to be loaded on racking system.

Here’s the alternative: the worker simply pushes the loaded dollies onto the adaptor pallet. The worker can then use a forklift to load on racking system. Timed tests showed that this system of material handling is three times faster for loading and four times faster for unloading compared to manual handling.

Roll Cages

Metallic roll cages are recommended in the internal distribution loop of retail stores. The goods are packed onto the sturdy roll cages and delivered to the store backrooms. From here, store employees can easily push the roll cages along aisles to replenish shelves.

The roll cages are custom made in various sizes and loading capacities to suit all needs. They can be customized with:

  • Solid or mesh shelves
  • 2 or 4 sides
  • Add-on doors
  • Foldable shelf
  • Securing straps.

Some models of roll cages can also be used as in-store display units, allowing customers to pick the products with ease.

Logistic Packaging is committed to providing companies with modern and effective lean manufacturing packaging solutions. Fill in our inquiry form to get more information on the adaptor pallets and roll cages!