plastic pallets for the textile industry

Key Benefits of Plastic Pallets for the Textile Industry

The textile industry is at the heart of the biggest part of the retail sector: fashion and clothing. Every big brand or new fashion company relies on textile producers to deliver quality fabrics in the desired range of colors and patterns. To get safely from the production facility to clothes factories, these fabrics need reliable packaging. In this article, we will shine the spotlight on the benefits of using plastic pallets for the textile industry.

The Challenges of Shipping Textiles

The Logistic Packaging experts know that textiles are extremely sensitive products. They must be protected from dust, dirt, tearing and humidity. A light rain falling on exposed textiles ruins the entire batch. A wooden pallet with cracks and chips can rip and damage beyond repair valuable fabrics that would be used by high-end fashion brands.

However, these problems still persist in many corners of the world. Some companies have not upgraded their packaging supplies. They are still shipping their delicate products on old and imperfectly clean wooden pallets and in cardboard boxes.

Optimizations in the Textile Supply Chain Are a Must

For these companies, there is a clear danger ahead: that of losing their loyal clients – major or medium sized clothing brands. The concept of “fast fashion” (brands creating and putting on the market new collections every few months) was accelerated by ecommerce.

Consumers want new outfits, fresh ideas and styles on a constant basis. And the brands that design and produce these products need to rely on a constant supply of high quality fabrics. If a textile producer cannot guarantee this, they are left out of the fashion supply chain.

Why Plastic Pallets for the Textile Industry? Here Are the Main Reasons!

Let us look at the key benefits that make our packaging specialists recommend plastic pallets for the textile industry:

 1. Strong Build with No Splintering Risks

Plastic pallets are made of polyethylene, a durable material that does not chip or crack. Companies in the textile industry need to be able to rely on this kind of returnable packaging, which does not cause damage to their products.

2. Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Here is one of the main benefits of plastic pallets for the textile industry. Every time your empty pallets return from the client, you can clean and sanitize them quickly using a standard washing cycle.

These pallets do not retain odors and are resistant to different types of substances, including chemicals and oils. Thus, they are an excellent choice for an industry where cleanliness is at a premium.

3. Designed for Easy Handling

Plastic pallets are subject to intense handling, either by logistic equipment or by warehouse employees. For this reason, they are equipped with various design features that facilitate a good grip and smooth progress along conveyor belts.

This is extremely useful in the textile industry, where products must be handled with care. A dropped pallet can damage almost all the products placed on it. Thus, two of the benefits plastic pallets for the textile industry refer to faster handling and reduced operational loss.

4. Plastic Pallets Have a Professional Look

Image matters a lot in the textile industry. A fashion brand will judge its suppliers by every aspect, including the packaging used to deliver fabrics. Plastic pallets maintain their aspect for a long period of time.

Thus, with every delivery, textile producers can reassure their clients that they are working with a professional and reliable supplier. This benefit of plastic pallets for the textile industry is increasingly important in the competitive world we live in.

5. Low Total Cost of Ownership and Residual Value

Plastic pallets usually achieve their full ROI at the end of their lifespan. Owners of plastic pallets do not incur ongoing costs with repairs and other overheads. Plus, at the end of their lifespan, these pallets still have a residual value, because they can be recycled and made into other products.

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