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Keeping Up with a Speeding Industry: Professional Packaging Solutions for the Automotive Logistic Loop

The automotive industry has one defining characteristic: speed. We don’t mean that cars are faster decade by decade, but that the demands of the logistic loop involve speed. Just in time manufacturing, Kanban principles and lean logistics – key terms for this industry – have one thing in common: speed. Third party suppliers, assembly line, aftermarket suppliers need to move fast and deliver exactly what is required at the right moment and in the right place. And professional packaging solutions play a key role in this fast moving industry.

How Do Packaging Materials Impact the Speed of the Automotive Supply Chain?

VDA-KLT containers and Galia boxes, standard packaging materials for the automotive industry, were developed for use in automated work flows. Their design, special features and characteristics were determined by the principle that most of the work is performed by robots, not by people.

Manual labor has become a thing of the past in most manufacturing facilities. But it is especially hard to find in the automotive industry. This is an industry that deals with:

  • Large and heavy parts and components
  • Sensitive equipment that requires very careful handling
  • Maximum precision in fitting each part correctly.

These are three characteristics that exclude manual labor. And this exclusion involves the entire process: manufacturing parts, storing them in warehouses and picking components for the assembly line.

What Can Professional Packaging Materials Do to Improve Your Business?

The consultants at Logistic Packaging have dealt with many situations where the use of inadequate packaging materials slowed down the entire manufacturing process in the automotive logistic loop.

For each type of operation, there is a specific type of container or tote. Galia boxes, with their integrated Odette label holders, are ideal for order picking. Your employees can easily identify the parts/components they need. And thanks to the sturdy design of the box, they don’t have to lift it by hand, but with the aid of a forklift.

VDA-KLT containers, on the other hand, are specialized in various sub-categories to fit different needs:

  • The C KLT series has double wall and a ribbed base – ideal for various stacking positions and carrying heavy loads;
  • The R KLT series has a smooth base, that enables the use on conveyor belts;
  • Te RL KLT series is ideal for shipping parts, thanks to the reduced weight of the container that will optimize your transportation costs.

Let’s now go a little more in depth with the way you can benefit from professional packaging materials in speeding up your logistic operations:

1. Create an Effective Sequence of Operations

Doing things in a specific order makes the entire manufacturing/storing/shipping process smoother and faster. Once you have your clear order of operations, you can allocate packaging materials accordingly.

Thus, VDA C KLT and R KLT containers are useful on the production floor, where robots and conveyor belts produce, load and move along parts. The Galia boxes are ideal in the warehouse for parts inventory and raw materials needed in the production facility. And VDA RL KLT containers should be used for shipping orders to clients.

2. Replenish Your Inventory When It Is Necessary

The use of Kanban labels helps you keep clear track of your inventory and never carry more than you need. Professional packaging materials for the automotive industry facilitate the use of Kanban labels by having integrated label holders as standard feature.

3. Create Packaging Kits to Speed Up Inventory Movement

Professional packaging materials for the automotive industry have a standard footprint. This means that they can fit on EURO and ISO plastic pallets. Also, the stack of containers can be fitted with pallet lids to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the container and damaging your products.

If your company produces electronic parts and components for the automotive industry, we can offer you a full kit of ESD plastic pallets, ESD VDA-KLT containers and ESD pallet lids. A packaging kit will add speed to your order picking and shipping operations.

The team of packaging experts at Logistic Packaging is always ready to offer you professional advice and guide you to identify the packaging materials that best fit your needs. Don’t be left behind, send us an email or schedule a live Skype video call to discuss your project!