hygienic packaging materials

The Highest Level of Compliance: Hygienic Packaging Materials for the Food and Pharma Industry

The packaging industry has to face strict regulations and rigorous demands from its customers. However, the greatest challenge we have to face is when we design and manufacture hygienic packaging materials for clients operating in the food and pharma industries. These clients manufacture and distribute products with a tremendous impact on our lives: food and medicines.

Continuous Research and Development for Improved Products

There is never a moment when the packaging industry can say: we have reached the highest level of compliance. There are always improvements in the raw materials we use and in the manufacturing technology we employ, allowing us to create safer, more reliable and more cost efficient products for these two industries.

Through the research and development departments, professional packaging companies like Logistic Packaging try to identify and prevent any possible contamination from heavy metals when our products are used in new and unpredictable ways by our clients.

Creating Case Scenarios, Standard Procedure for Testing Hygienic Packaging Materials

Before a product is labeled as compliant with the standards of the food industry or of the pharma industry, it undergoes testing using various case scenarios. These case scenarios take into account the conditions in which the products are used in real life by our clients. Our products are taken in our testing laboratory and undergo temperature, pressure, and drop-off tests, among others, to verify if they can offer adequate protection for the products stored in them even during rough and challenging transport and storage conditions.

For instance, pharmaceutical products need to be sealed inside special crates and totes to prevent tampering. Seals are tested and analyzed to discover whether they can be compromised or tampered with. The thermo-insulating boxes such as the Neopor boxes are tested to check whether they actually maintain a constant temperature over the specified period of time.

Top Priority: Easy to Clean and Hygienic Containers

The number one priority for the food industry is cleanliness. Every surface of packaging materials, from the crates to the pallets, must be easy to clean and make hygienic and made of materials approved for the contact with food, which do not cause contamination dangerous chemicals or other substances.

For this reason, all the products for the food industry are made from virgin polypropylene and with a special design, with flat, smooth surfaces which prevent the accumulation of dirt and fungi. The ISPM 15 compliant cleanroom pallets and the fish containers are two specific examples of these specially designed products for the food industry.

Safer and More Cost Efficient Packaging Materials

Every packaging company understands its responsibility to deliver high quality and hygienic packaging materials for the food and pharma industry. Our internal processes are designed to identify and eliminate any potential risks. We are working with international certification bodies and independent quality auditors, strive to improve our manufacturing techniques, and keep up with the ever changing safety standards we need to comply with. For this reason, we constantly keep in touch with our customers and discuss the challenges and regulations under which they operate their businesses.

Through open dialogue with them and our internal due diligence we manage to create hygienic packaging materials which are fully compliant with the safety and quality regulations for the food and pharma industries and we ensure that the products stored and shipped in them are safe for human use and consumption.