learn how to protect your profits during the Easter sales season

Effective Ways of Getting the Most Out of Easter Sales

The Easter sales season is the first annual test for supply chains across the world. Most countries across all continents celebrate this holiday. There are actually two celebrations, one week apart, as a result of the different calendars of Western and Eastern Christian churches. However, warehouses, distributors and retailers prepare for the rush of Easter sales at least one month before the events.

The Most Popular Easter Products Are Also the Most Fragile

What do people stock on for Easter? In many countries, there is an increased demand for mutton or turkey. All those who celebrate Easter also look for fresh eggs. Also, there is an ever growing tradition to organize Easter egg hunts for children, by hiding chocolate eggs in homes and gardens.

All these products have on thing in common: they require special care during shipping and handling. They can easily get damaged or spoiled, making the unsaleable or unsafe to consume.

Easter Sales Can Be a Hit or a Miss for Many Retailers

Delayed deliveries, damaged products in transit and other similar issues can have a huge impact on your profit during the Easter sales season. The experts at Logistic Packaging know that no one affords this – especially during these volatile economic conditions.

For this reason, we prepared a list of helpful advice to make your Easter sales a success:

1. Be on the Same Page with Your Vendors and Suppliers

When it comes to a sudden increase in demand for specific products, you must know that you can rely on all your business partners:

  • The producers or vendors
  • The transportation/distribution company
  • The packaging suppliers.

It is very likely that you may have to place last minute orders for specific products – and everyone must be ready to deliver. Otherwise, your customers will be faced with empty store shelves and they will go to your competitor.

2. Review the Weak Points of Your Supply Chain and Fix Them

You can draw from the experience of the Christmas/New Year sales season and make changes to your supply chain. What went wrong? Where? Why? From inadequate packaging to the use of manual handling for loading/unloading, these aspects can lead to lost time and damaged products.

An analysis of these issues will help you find the solutions – from changing unreliable suppliers to improving your own internal operations.

3. Make Sure You Have Available Stocks – But Don’t Pile Them Up

Popular products during the Easter sales season experience a sharp drop in demand right after the celebration. While Christmas gifts can be repurposed as New Year gifts, the same is not possible for Easter specific gift sets and products.

For this reason, your company must ensure that it can count on continuous deliveries, but not purchase a large stock of products upfront. All unsold items must be heavily discounted later, putting a big dent in your profits.

4. Audit Your Packaging Materials – and Upgrade Them If Necessary

Logistic Packaging experts know everything about packaging materials for every kind of products – including fresh eggs. And we also know that something can always go wrong during shipping.

For this reason, we recommend using the most reliable returnable packaging materials, plus specific safety accessories to protect your fragile products from damage even during a rough journey. One of the best products we recommend is the customized plastic egg tray – which can also be used for fragile chocolate eggs.

5. Choose Sturdy and Great Looking Display Units

Finally, once the products arrive in your store, you can increase your Easter sales by using our special range of see-through foldable crates. These transparent plastic packaging materials showcase the products and have a very long lifespan.

They are easy to handle and can be cleaned and sanitized using standard washing cycles. Moreover, they are foldable, meaning that you will save backroom storage space when they are not in use.

The Logistic Packaging Experts Can Help You Ace this Easter Sales Season!

If you need a reliable packaging supplier, Logistic Packaging is here to help you. We produce a complete range of standard and customized returnable plastic packaging – from delivery totes and crates to plastic pallets and large storage containers.

Send us an email and our experts will evaluate your packaging needs and recommend the best products for your business!