food packaging

Food Packaging: the Superheroes of the Supply Chain in a Highly Demanding and Regulated Market

Food packaging is among the most valuable and in-demand types of professional packaging materials on the market. We don’t say it as producers of packaging solutions, but as an obvious statement. No other type of products needs more care and speed in handling and shipping as food.

While other demands can be sidelined, the global need for fresh and high quality food is the most urgent – and it keeps growing with the number of population. And every time a consumer puts a product in their shopping cart, they have a few basic requirements:

  • That it is safe to eat
  • That it is fresh and nourishing
  • That it is in good physical condition.

Key supply chain players like producers, distributors, warehouses and packaging producers like Logistic Packaging must ensure that these requirements are met. To make sure that the supply chain fulfills its obligations, governments and international agencies all over the world have created strict rules and standards for the handling and shipping of foods.

Food Packaging Evolution Reflects the Growing Cycle of Supply Chain

The global food industry grew in leaps and bounds – and several mishaps. Along the way, professionals learned that cardboard and wood are not reliable food packaging materials.

These materials are easy to source and cheap to manufacture. For decades, both producers and retailers used cardboard boxes and wooden crates to ship anything from raw mean to fresh salad and tomatoes.

Things were not so bad when food came from local producers. But as people traveled more, they discovered new foods. And they wanted to have them in the supermarkets at home.

The Journey of Food Is Long and Fraught with Dangers

Look at some of the most fragile foods you find in your store: grapes, mozzarella cheese or bottled milk. When your employees unload them from vans and trucks, they look in pristine condition.

Yet, some of them come from thousands of kilometers away. They traveled on the road, over seas and made various stops at customs and in central warehouses. The reason why they arrived at your store in good condition is only one: professional food packaging.

A Game of Cutting Costs and Improving Food Safety

It takes a simple glance to notice the large variety of food packaging in the Logistic Packaging catalog. They all serve various purposes. The first is, of course, keeping products safe during storage and transportation.

But food retailers and warehouse operators have other demands, as well. They need to optimize their shipping costs. Thus, food packaging, such as EURO containers and stack-nest bale arm containers are compact sized, have a standard footprint and make the most of the available space in trailers.

Secondly, every inch of storage space is very valuable. Its value is best capitalized when it stores products, not empty packages. For this reasons, we offer you stack-nest fish containers and foldable crates for fruit and vegetable.

Visual Aspect Matters As Much as Product Quality

“Pick only the best looking apples.” This is something your employees hear every day from customers instructing their children or spouses during shopping trips. People tend to associate good looks with good taste.

Thus, packaging must make food look appealing to clients. Clean and colorful plastic crates or see-through displays are not only useful, but also visually appealing. Food packaging must compliment each type of product, from processed meats, to dairy products and vegetables.

With Adequate Food Packaging, Your Company Becomes More Eco-Friendly

Last but not least, professional food packaging is made of recyclable materials with a long useful life. This means that your company will generate fewer wastes over time. When your packaging materials reach the end of their useful life, they can be recycled to make new packages or other plastic items.

Logistic Packaging offers you a complete range of food packaging, the superstars of professional packaging materials. We can advise you to select the ideal products for your needs and assist you during the implementation phase. Send us an email or schedule a live Skype chat to discuss your application!