foldable large containers

Foldable Large Containers Help Major Industrial Manufacturer Optimize Production

Large industrial machines and parts are essential for various industries, from automotive to manufacturing and energy production. These machines require the highest level of quality and precision in terms of design, raw materials and production technology. When a major industrial manufacturer got in touch with Logistic Packaging experts, we knew that we had a big project on our hands. And, as we will show in this case study, it turned out that it needed a big solution, as well: foldable large containers.

The Client’s Problem: Receiving Raw Materials Directly onto Pallets

The client used professional packaging materials, more precisely, plastic pallets. However, their raw materials, especially steel, arrive in various forms:

  • Forged and cast blank pieces
  • Rolled bars
  • Drawn profile material.

The difficulties in handling and processing the incoming raw materials come both from their very heavy weight and from the wide variations in shapes and sizes. Plastic pallets equipped with load securing accessories and pallet collars did their job up to a point.

However, the client was unhappy with the reduced speed of receiving the materials and distributing them across the production lines, where they were needed. In several cases, production was delayed by the worker’s difficulties to perform delivery acceptance and move the steel from the loading bay.

Logistic Packaging Specialists Analyze the Client’s Issue

After discussions with the client and watching videos of the material unloading and handling process, our packaging experts understood the problems. The steel bars and profiles were very heavy and awkward to move on pallets. Moreover, adding pallet collars to accommodate each delivery took time.

The workers needed a quick, ready-made solution to unload and move the steel in as few steps as possible. Moreover, they needed sufficient clear space to move the raw materials safely, without causing accidents and injuries to themselves and other workers.

In this situation, the stocks of packaging materials needed for the process required a combination of features:

  • Easy handling
  • Space saving build
  • Heavy duty capacity
  • Reduced own weight.

The returnable packaging solutions meeting all these requirements are foldable large containers.

Reasons We Recommended Foldable Large Containers to the Client

We knew that the industrial manufacturing plant needs a constant supply of raw materials, as their products are in great demand. We envisioned a delivery process that involves unloading the steel into a container and taking that container directly to the production line. When it is not needed, the container should be folded to reduce its volume as much as possible.

Foldable large containers meet all these criteria:

 1. Easy Handling

Foldable pallet containers with feet or skids can be easily handled by forklifts. For lighter loads, we recommended a model with castor wheels, allowing workers to move it around with ease and without the risk of accidents and injuries.

2. Space Saving Build

As their name states, foldable large containers can reduce their volume by up to 75% by folding down the walls onto the base. One person can set up or fold down a container with ease.

3. Heavy Duty Capacity

Our foldable large containers can withstand a static load of up to 500 kg and a stack load of up to 3,500 kg. These load capacities are perfectly adequate for the client’s needs.

4. Reduced Own Weight

Despite its heavy duty capacity, an empty foldable large container weighs less than 40 kg.

The Client’s Feedback

The industrial manufacturer ordered a batch of foldable large containers and implemented them immediately in the production process. After a few months, they noticed a significant increase in the production flow, allowing them to accept more orders.

As a result, they will continue to discuss with Logistic Packaging experts to find more ways of improving and optimizing their operations.

Our team of logistics and packaging consultants can find effective ways to help your company reduce loss, downtime and operational costs through the use of modern packaging solutions. Send us an email and let us start discussing about your specific project!