foam packaging

Foam Packaging – Your Best Choice to Protect Delicate Products in Transit

Shipping fragile and delicate products is a big challenge for any producer, distributor or courier service company. These products are usually very valuable and damage to them is most of the times impossible to remedy in order to make the items saleable. Fortunately, there is a type of protective packaging that offers excellent protection to any kind of sensitive product: foam packaging.

What Exactly Is Foam Packaging?

As its name states, this versatile packaging solutions looks like solidified sea foam – with many air bubbles, making it very flexible and impact absorbing. It is usually made of PU, but it can also be manufactured of ESD materials, if it is used for electronic products.

The main advantage of foam packaging is the complete freedom to create fully customized packaging solutions for any product. All parameters of the material can be adapted according to the customer’s needs:

  • Density
  • Size: length, width and thickness
  • Shape
  • Color.

In this article, we want to explain the many benefits and applications of foam packaging, so that you can evaluate the opportunity of using it to protect your delicate products.

1. We Use Your Product Mold to Create Cut-Out Shapes

Are you shipping extra-sensitive products made of glass, for instance? You don’t have to worry about the percentage of damaged items your client will send back. Nestled in the foam packaging with cut-out shapes, each product will benefit from maximum protection from vibrations, mechanical shocks, dust and other contaminants.

This is the most advanced type of protective packaging you can create for your products. We will upload your specifications file into the machine and the foam packaging will have the accurate size and shape to fit your products.

2. Foam Packaging Helps You Maximize Container Space

If you ship sensitive products in containers or totes, you are generally using lots of protective materials between items. This means that you are not optimizing the volume of order shipping. But how can your pack items compactly without the risk of damaging them?

The answer is: foam dividers. We can help you create the most space saving configuration of compartments, so you can pack more items per container without compromising their safety.

3. Foam Applications Are the Right Choice for All Industries

Are you shipping automotive parts or consumer electronics? You can use foam packaging to protect your products. What about sensitive and valuable items, such as jewelry or blown glass decorations? Once again, we recommend foam applications to ship your products.

Moreover, this type of protective packaging is recommended both in the internal logistic loop between suppliers, but also when you deliver your products to end customers (individual consumers).

4. Protection and Discretion: Foam Liners for Shipping Boxes

Ecommerce has grown tremendously in the last year. Right now, consumers order online almost any kind of product, from everyday groceries and household goods to high end electronics, furniture and artworks.

When packages containing expensive and delicate items are handled by courier and postal services, you have two challenges to face: ensure both protection and discretion to the contents. Lining shipping boxes with foam is the best solution for solving both challenges with one packaging material.

5. Foam Packaging Is the Best Liner for Toolboxes

Many consumers rediscovered their inner handyman during lockdown. As a result, sales of toolboxes for various types of DYI work increased. To keep tools in good condition and well organized, you should opt for cut-out foam packaging.

Apart from high level protection, foam packaging gives the toolbox a neat and professional look which your customers will appreciate.

Logistic Packaging can help you create 100% customized foam packaging for your shipping needs. Our consultants are ready to help you design your protective packaging or implement your designs and start producing the foam applications. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call to discuss your project!