see-through containers have a sleek design and sturdy build

Fashion Retailer Boosts Sales and Brand Image with See-Through Containers

The world of fashion has never been more competitive. Brick and mortar stores have to compete both with other local brands and with international online stores. Plus, this is the industry where image matters the most. And this is one of the reasons why retail-ready see-through containers were developed by packaging producers.

In this case study, the Logistic Packaging team helps a local fashion retailer increase their sales and grow its brand awareness through smart placement of transparent containers in its stores.

Fast Fashion Meets Slow Purchase Decisions

Our client, a local fashion brand, signals discounted items by arranging them in special containers in various areas of their store. The items are grouped by price range, allowing each client to save time by looking for product within their budget.

However, despite the attractive prices, the items did not sell as fast as the client wished. The clients would rummage through the container with solid walls, leaving unwanted items in a state of disorder. Store staff would have to refold and arrange the clothes several times each day, which disrupted their regular tasks.

The Client Wants to Keep the System without Increasing Display Space

The retail brand contacted the Logistic Packaging team with a complex demand. They wanted to keep the system of signaling discounts by price range. However, they could not create large display areas in the store to individually showcase discounted items.

In essence, they wanted to use the same space and the same marketing tactic, but increase the visibility of the products on sale.

Logistic Packaging Experts Analyze the Client’s Problem

Fashion sales are different from any other type of retail sales. The price is not the ultimate factor determining a purchase. The products must look good, both from a distance an on close inspection.

Customers do not tolerate any defects or damages – except for heavily discounted products, that would ultimately represent a significant loss for the store. Thus, the display solution must meet several conditions, including:

  • Professional look, suitable for the sale area within a store
  • Sturdy build, allowing repeated use cycles over a long period of time
  • Offering customers clear view and easy access to the products.

After analyzing various options, our packaging specialists identified the perfect solution: see-through containers.

Benefits of See-Through Containers that Solve the Client’s Needs

Transparent containers are the answer to the needs of retail companies to move goods quickly from the warehouse to the store backroom and from the backroom to the sale floor with minimum handling.

These foldable containers have the sturdy build required for frequently used returnable plastic packaging. And they have a sleek design, with transparent bottoms and walls, which helps showcase the products.

Moreover, since they can be folded down, the see-through containers help save storage space when they are not in use.

The Client’s Feedback after Implementation

The retail brand opted for the largest model of see-through containers as a solution to showcase discounted products. The new solution for displaying the clothes on sale proved an instant success with customers.

Everyone could see all the items inside the containers and pick the product they were interested in. The salespersons needed to spend less time rearranging the items during the day. In cold numbers, the client experienced a 15% increase in sales over the first three months. Also, through social listening, the retailer noted an increase in brand awareness and loyalty among customers.

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