reusable stackable containers for mushrooms

Extend Shelf Life with Reusable Stackable Containers for Mushrooms

Mushrooms are extremely popular in various cuisines around the world. Their fleshy texture makes them a great meat replacement for vegans. Plus, they are very rich in essential minerals and vitamins that keep people healthy and delay the effects of aging. However, these fresh produce are among the most sensitive ones: they bruise easily and have a limited shelf life. Logistic Packaging experts will explain in this article why reusable stackable containers for mushrooms are the ideal packaging solution to extend their shelf life.

Challenges of Shipping and Storing Mushrooms

Mushrooms belong to the class of fungi. They favor dark areas with plenty of moisture. Indeed, they have a porous texture with lots of moisture in them. Thus, they require specific shipping and storage conditions: low temperature, high humidity levels and good ventilation.

Traditional wooden crates for shipping mushrooms and other farm produce are not a good solution. They tend to chip and absorb humidity. Thus, in time, these crates will actually taint the contents with unwanted fungi and with mold. Also, the wood chips will mark the mushrooms, creating the unpleasant darker colored marks which customers avoid.

How Reusable Stackable Containers for Mushrooms Help Producers and Distributors

At Logistic Packaging, our mission is to help companies in all industries find the right packaging for their products. From expensive automotive or electronics parts to fresh food and bulk products, we have a specialized range of returnable packaging solutions for every company.

Reusable stackable containers for mushrooms are available in two versions:

All the models have specific features designed to protect mushrooms from damage and spoiling during storage and transport. These features are:

1. Raised Edges

The raised edges will ensure stability in stack for the reusable stackable containers for mushrooms. They will also bear the entire load, leaving sufficient space between the upper layer of produce and the bottom of the container stacked on top.

In this way, mushrooms are safe from denting and crushing, which will leave indelible marks which will develop a specific bruised color.

2. Perforated Bottom and Sides

Proper ventilation is essential for extending the shelf life of mushrooms. When they are stored and shipped in closed containers, they develop an unpleasant “fishy” smell. This is caused by lost moisture. Also, if the moisture evaporating from the mushrooms cannot evaporate, these will develop brown spots and mold

Perforated reusable stackable containers for mushrooms offer ideal storage and shipping conditions. Ventilation allows the mushrooms to stay fresh, and the excess moisture evaporates quickly.

3. Smooth Inner Walls

The reusable stackable containers for mushrooms have smooth inner walls, which do not leave any mark on the fresh produce. At the same time, this design feature allows you to clean and sanitize the empty containers quickly and efficiently in container washing stations.

4. Materials Approved for the Cold Chain

Since mushrooms must be stored at low temperatures, producers and distributors need packaging materials that do not crack or become brittle in cold rooms. All the reusable stackable containers for mushrooms are made from virgin PP which resists to temperatures between -20°C and +50°C.

Moreover, this material is also approved for food contact, as it does not leak chemicals into the products stored inside the containers.

5. Ergonomic Handles for Safe and Easy Manipulation

Human error can cause a lot of damage to fresh mushrooms. Dropping a full crate on the floor will make almost half of the contents unfit for selling. Our packaging experts know that ergonomic handling is just as important as the other design features which protect the mushrooms during storage and transport.

Warehouse and store employees will be able to lift, move and arrange the full containers on store shelves without the risk of slipping and dropping them.

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