EURO containers

Case Study: EURO Containers Help Meat Retailer Achieve Significant Operational Savings

Fresh meat distribution has one of the most demanding supply chains. Here, when something goes wrong, a large and expensive batch of products can be compromised, not just one item. This is one of the issues our client, a meat retailer, was experiencing on a constant basis. They finally approached the packaging experts at Logistic Packaging for a reliable solution. This case study shows how EURO containers provided the solution.

The Client’s Problem

The client used to ship fresh meat in corrugated boxes. They had been using these boxes for decades, because they are affordable to purchase. However, these boxes proved extremely unreliable.

During transit, these boxes would get crushed. The meat would get into contact with the truck and become contaminated. For safety reasons, the client would refuse most of the batch of products, which would end up destroyed. This translated into losses for the meat retailer. They would add protective packaging, and reduce the height of stacks in trailer (resulting in a larger volume and higher shipping fees). However, the problem would still persist.

Logistic Packaging Specialists Examine the Situation

From the very beginning, our packaging experts understood why the client continued to experience these problems. Corrugated boxes are completely unfit and unreliable for shipping sensitive products, such as meat.

Over the years, we have proven to other clients that corrugated boxes:

  • Have a very limited lifespan (single use)
  • Have a very reduced loading capacity
  • Do not offer stability in stack
  • Can get easily contaminated with liquids, fats, oils and chemicals
  • Become unusable if they get wet in poor weather conditions.

The client’s use of corrugated boxes is, therefore, the root of all their problems. After due consideration of their packaging needs, our specialists recommended switching to EURO containers.

Why Are EURO Containers the Right Solution for the Meat Retailer?

EURO containers are among the most versatile packaging materials. They are used in almost all industries, including retail, agriculture and food production. These standard footprint plastic containers have several features beneficial for the client:

  • Sturdy build with a high loading capacity
  • Easy to manipulate thanks to the open handles on the short side
  • Smooth inner walls that protect fresh meat from marking
  • Great stability in stack
  • Long lifespan with low total cost of ownership.

We pointed out each of these points to the client and indicated models with the ideal height for the type of products they are shipping. The meat retailer agreed to purchase a batch of EURO containers and start transporting their products in them immediately.

The Client Reports Significant Savings after Implementing EURO Containers

We kept in close contact with the client during the post-sale period and offered to help with any implementation advice they needed. Over several months, the client reported the following improvements in their operations and supply chain:

  • 20% savings in transportation costs due to the reduced volume per shipment
  • No need to purchase new packaging material, allowing them to divert the budget to other investments
  • 90% decrease in product loss due to damage in transit
  • Improved relationships with clients, who started to order more frequently from them.

Main Takeaways of the Case Study

EURO containers helped the meat retailer eliminate their biggest source of loss. By choosing returnable plastic containers, they managed to save money, reduce loss and improve their brand image.

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