ESD packaging

The Crucial Role of ESD Package in the Expanding Electronics Market

Electronics are among the most in-demand products at global level, and ESD packaging some of the most necessary professional packages in the supply chain. We live in a connected era – internet and smart devices annul distances and bring together people, markets, and products.

How Big Is the Electronics Market?

Smartphones, other smart devices for home, automobiles, and industrial robots – all these items are electronic products. They are present all over the globe and there is a growing demand for newer, more powerful and sophisticated products.

According to Persistence Market Research, by 2020 the global consumer electronics market will reach the value of US $2,976.1 billion. Also, for the period 2016-2020, the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of this market will be 15%.

This highly competitive market is fueled by the fight between top brands for a higher market share and the continuous challenge posed by new, innovative startups. At the other end, consumers demonstrate a strong appetite for the latest, the best and the most advanced products. Thus, the replacement rate for electronic products has become higher than ever.

ESD Packaging – the Backbone of the Electronics Supply Chain

All these electronic products need to reach their end customers in pristine conditions. However, each smartphone and flat screen TV has a very complicated journey. This journey starts with OEM manufacturing plants that produce small electronic parts and components.

Next, these parts and components go to other companies that assemble them into larger assemblies. Finally, they are put inside the case and the finished product rolls down the assembly line. From here, the consumer electronics spend some time in a global warehouse, then travel across the globe to reach distant countries and, finally, the people who ordered them.

During each step of this complex supply chain, electronic parts need special protection from dust, mechanical shocks, spillage and – most importantly – accidental electrostatic discharges. ESD packaging is the only types of professional packaging that guarantees the safety of these sensitive products during shipping and storage.

A Rough Journey for Delicate Products

Looking at the journey above, you must understand that it is not smooth and safe from perils. Electronics manufacturers, use a combination of ocean, air and road transportation, both for their internal logistic loop and for shipping finished products.

There are two key considerations here:

  • Reducing the cost of shipping
  • Delivering the products to customers in the shortest possible time.

Thus, ESD packaging needs to be able to protect electronic products from more than just electrostatic discharges. These packaging materials need to be sturdy and reliable, capable of keeping the products inside intact during long and difficult journeys.

Need For Speed – and for Safety

You must be familiar to the general trepidation when the latest flagship smartphone model goes on sale. Consumers form queues in front of stores days ahead of the official launch. Those who pre-ordered the product are checking their AWB code once every few hours to see when it reaches their home.

Meanwhile, the products have left the manufacturing facility in South-East Asia weeks ago. Most of the companies prefer to ship their products by ocean – that takes around 30 days. Air shipping is 10 times faster, but also 10 times more expensive.

In the battle between cutting operational costs and satisfying their consumers’ demand for fast delivery, products are caught in the middle. And they need sturdy ESD Euro containers, ESD plastic pallets and ESD foldable containers to reach their impatient future owners in one piece.

ESD Packaging: Affordability Meets Safety and Convenience

In the fragile balance of the electronics supply chain, ESD packaging sits at the very core. These products are continually improved to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of the market.

An ESD foldable container or stack nest container offers adequate protection for electronic products during ocean, road or air travel. At the same time, this packaging material helps companies save space in the trailer and in the warehouse.

Last, but not least, the cost of this specialized packaging material is affordable. ESD packaging does not need supplementary accessories to ensure the protection of the products from vibrations, shocks and other mishaps during the journey. At the same time, they are very stable in stack, thus, there is no need for extra fastening accessories to prevent toppling.

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